May Be All The Magic You Need
To Quickly Restore
Your Handsome-Smile"

Dental-Bonding is for you... if all you need is a little light cosmetic dental work... a touch-up... to put the razzle-dazzle back in your smile!

If the only thing...

Standing Between You And A Beautiful Smile Is...

  • ...a chipped tooth

  • ...a cracked tooth

  • ...a decayed tooth

  • ...or a discolored tooth

Then a "bonding" is probably the procedure for you...

It can be the quick... easy... and the only procedure you need to restore the charm and luster back to your smile.

Besides Teeth-Whitening Or "Bleaching"...

Bondings are considered the quickest and least expensive cosmetic dental procedure.

Dental bondings can be done in one office visit... unlike dental veneers and dental crowns (two other forms of tooth repair)... they require more than one office visit.

Bondings, the most basic (or elementary) of three different levels of tooth repair... crowns, the next level up... with veneers being considered the highest level of tooth repair.

Let's take a closer look at...

Why Bondings Are Inexpensive And Special

Bondings are inexpensive, whereas...

Veneers and crowns require you to make several visits to dentist's office. And, of course... every visit to the dentist's office is an additional charge.

Meaning... veneers and crowns will cost you a lot more than bondings. And since...

Bondings do not need to be manufactured in a laboratory. Bondings are done in one office visit... this helps to make bondings less expensive than veneers and crowns.

More Advantages To Dental-Bondings

Compared to veneers and crowns... bondings require the least amount of tooth enamel to be removed. This is very important if your teeth prove to be overly sensitive to heat or cold.

And yet, another advantage of bondings... compared to veneers and crowns... NO anesthesia is needed.

Again, one less dental charge for you to worry about... being charged for anesthesia.

It all adds up... making dental-bonding a very inexpensive and effective procedure.

"Bondings Do Have Their Limitations"

Dentists will tell you a bonding procedure works best for small cosmetic changes... corrections to minor cosmetic defects. Or for teeth in areas of very low bite pressure (front teeth).

Other than bondings being limited to minor cosmetic changes... bondings have yet another big advantage over crowns and veneers...

Bondings Don't Require Any Special Care

All you have to do is follow good oral hygiene practices... brush and floss teeth daily.

If you practice good oral hygiene and don't eat too many hard foods...

...your bonding will last at least 3-4 years... often up to 10 years or more... before they need to be touched up or replaced.

Getting A dental-bonding sound like a "piece a cake"... right?

The actual bonding procedure is fairly simple and straight forward. The problem for most hard working Americans with or without dental insurance...

How Do You Pay For A Bonding...?

...or any cosmetic dental procedure for that matter?

Paying for a dental-bonding... a cosmetic dental procedure... completely out pocket... can take a huge bite out of a tight budget.

Completely out of pocket...? Yes!

Because... when it comes to paying for a bonding procedure... you're on your own. Most dental insurance companies won't help you pay for a dental-bonding.

Why Most Dental Insurance Plans Don't Cover Bondings

Dental-bondings are considered a cosmetic dental procedure.

And cosmetic procedures are considered a luxury by insurance companies... dental insurance never have... and probably never will pay for a dental-bonding.

"Generally speaking... bondings range in cost from $100.00 to $400.00 per tooth. And 9 out of 10 dental insurance companies don't cover or pay for bonding procedures."

This means...

You'll Have To Pay For A Bonding Procedure, Yourself

...if you really want one.

And if the cost... paying for a dental-bonding procedure strictly out of pocket is a challenge for you...

...then I can show you how to cut some corners and save a few bucks on the cost of a bonding.

"You Can Save Money On A Bonding"

Here's how it works.

You can save anywhere from $40.00 - $160.00 per tooth... or per bonding.

Simply use... this "discount" dental plan... the one I use and recommend. This unique dental plan covers all dental-bonding procedures... including veneers and crowns.

When you...

Become A Member Of This Discount Dental-Care Buyers Club...

...you become a member of a powerful... nationwide... consumer health-care buyers organization. You become entitled to deep discounts and quick access to first class dental-care treatment by licensed dentists.

You really owe it to yourself to take a look at...

...This Unique "Discount" Dental-Plan Organization

When you become a card-carrying member of this nationwide organization... you're guaranteed to save big-time on ALL your dental work... including ALL cosmetic dental work... each and every single time!

There you have it...

I hope this dental-bonding article has shown you how you can get your "pretty smile" back... without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Remember... an affordable... professionally done dental-bonding procedure will allow you to finally "take your hand down from your mouth".

You can stop hiding your smile :-).

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