Your Dental-Insurance-Guide... Which Of The 5 Major Types Of Dental Plans Is Best For Your Situation?

This is a dental-insurance-guide about the general structure of the 5 major types of American dental-plans...

...and how you should go about choosing the type of plan that's right for your particular family or business situation.


This Guide Offers Insights And Recommendations...

...on which dental-plan you should choose and why.

Your dental-insurance-guide reminds you to always read and know prospective dental-plan's policy before you enroll.

With that said...

This Guide Helps You To Choose Smartly

Your dental-insurance-guide... helps you to choose a dental insurance plan that's right for you, your business, or both.

Exactly how does this guide help you to choose a dental-plan that's right for your situation?

For starters, this dental-insurance-guide looks at 3 important areas. Important areas or issues you should consider, before choosing any type of dental-plan.

What are those * 3 areas...

* Number One... The Dental Plan's Overall Cost

Not just in terms of monthly premiums, but also in terms of cost that include deductibles, and other fees or penalties.

How do all these things figure into overall cost of dental plan to you?

* Number Two... The Dental Plan's Flexibility

Especially, in terms of being able to choose your own dentist. What's the dental plans policy, or restrictions towards visiting a dentist out of dental plan's network?

Some plans have very limited or small networks.

* Number Three... The Dental Plan's Coverage Limitations

In terms of limitations on what procedures are, or are not covered. And/or annual dollar cap limitations (maximums).

The plan's coverage limitations is often no more than a window... a window view of a plan's overall commitment to you and your family's oral health.

With that said, let's jump into our dental-insurance-guide discussion. Beginning with the first of our 5 major dental plans...

Direct Reimbursement Dental Plans

These plans are designed for employers or small businesses. These are your most expensive type of dental plans... more expensive than our traditional dental indemnity plans.

Why are they MOST expensive type of plan?

With reimbursement plans employer sets aside a pool of money to reimburse employees for most of their dental cost. Depending on number of employees... pool can quickly add up to a large amount of cash.

Next, let's look at...

Dental Indemnity Plans

Indemnity plans... also known as "traditional" dental insurance plans, your next most expensive type of dental plan.

Why are indemnity plans expensive?

Mainly because, they charge you for the "freedom to choose" your own primary dentist, and/or specialists.

Also, dental indemnity plans have deductibles and co-pays.

Next up...

Dental Preferred Provider Organization Plans (DPPO)

DPPOs are considered in-expensive (less costly premiums), dental insurance plans. They are one of two types of dental managed care plans, the other is DHMOs (see below).

Why are DPPOs less expensive than previous 2 major types of plans?

DPPOs are made up of a tight network of dentists. Dentists within these networks have agreed to discount their fees in order to participate in network.

Next, our other managed care plan...

Dental Health Maintenance Organization Plans (DHMO)

Dental HMOs are the other type of managed care dental plan. Dental HMOs plans are even cheaper and less expensive than DPPO's (again, in regards to premium cost).

Why are Dental HMOs so in-expensive?

Like DPPOs, Dental HMOs have in-expensive monthly premiums. Primarily because... they have a network of dentists who've agreed to discount their fees in exchange for being able to participate in network.

Lastly, but certainly not in the least in providing quality service...

Dental Discount Plans

Discount plans are technically not considered insurance plans. Primarily (and fortunately), because there are NO third party administrators, or insurance carrier you must pay to process complex claim forms.

Instead, discount plans have negotiated a deep discount for you... before you enter dentist office.

Why are dental discount plans your LEAST expensive type of plan?

In large part, because neither members, nor dentists have to fill out time consuming claim forms. Members don't have to fight with insurance companies for reimbursements.

There you have the "short of it".

That Pretty Much Wraps Up Our Dental-Insurance-Guide Discussion

If you want more behind the scenes info about any one of these 5 major types of dental plans... see links below.

But, before you go... I and the dental-insurance-guide must share a recommendation with you. You've probably guessed, or already know which type of dental plan I prefer.

But why...

Why I Prefer Discount Dental Plans May Surprise You

Your dental-insurance-guide doesn't just prefer discount dental plans because they're the most in-expensive type of plans.

No, I as your... prefers the nations leading national discount dental plan because, firstly. This plan offers you discounts on Any and All dental work... including All cosmetic procedures.

It's The Only Full And Complete (Comprehensive) Dental Plan

No other plan, within any of the 5 major types of dental plans, come close to offering you a discount... or even a partial reimbursement. Towards ALL or even MOST cosmetic or major dental work


Recommended plan offers you and ANYONE else in your HOUSEHOLD... comprehensive coverage. Regardless of whether HOUSEHOLD member(s) are married to you, your dependents, or not.

No other dental insurance plan of any type in America... that I know of... offers you HOUSEHOLD coverage, except this discount plan.

Do check them out... you'll be glad you did.

Finally, If You Want...

More behind the scene info about any of the 5 major types of dental insurance plans... simply click on link of interest below:

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Take care, and...

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