"Your Dental-Insurance-Guide"... Find Out
Which Of 5 Major Types Of Dental Plans
Is Best For Your Situation?

"Your Dental-Insurance-Guide"... is about the financial structure of the 5 major types of American dental plans.

As such, this guides helps you to choose a dental insurance plan that's right for your situation... your family, your business, or both.

Exactly how does this guide help you to choose a dental-plan that's right for your situation?

"Your dental-insurance-guide" looks at 3 major aspects of dental plans. Major aspects that affect overall cost of plan to you. Aspects that affect plans ability to help you, smoothly and easily, obtain your desired dental care goals

What are those 3 areas?

* Number One... The Dental Plan's Overall Cost

Not just in terms of monthly premiums, but also in terms of cost that include deductibles, co-pays, and/or co-insurance .

Of course, these features figure into overall cost of dental plan?

* Number Two... The Dental Plan's Flexibility

Especially, in terms of being able to choose your own dentist. What's the dental plans policy, or restrictions towards visiting dentists out of plan's network of dentists?

For the most part, you'll pay more or all of cost when you visit out of network.

Most plan types require or encourage members to visit in-network dentists.

* Number Three... The Dental Plan's Coverage Limitations

In terms of limitations on what procedures are, or are not covered. And/or annual dollar cap limitations (maximums).

The plan's coverage limitations are really a window... a window into plan's overall commitment to you and your family's oral health.

With that said, let's jump into "your dental-insurance-guide" discussion. Beginning with the first of our 5 major types of dental plans...

Direct Reimbursement Or Self-Funded Dental Plans

These plans are primarily designed for large employers. Yet, mid-size and small-size businesses are increasing turning to self-insured dental plans to offset administrative cost.

These plans require employers to have a lot of reserve cash on hand.

It's probably Not proper to say these are most expensive plans... they simply require a great deal of reserve cash by employers.

With reimbursement plans employer sets aside a pool of money to reimburse employees for most of their dental cost. Depending on number of employees... pool can quickly add up to a large amount of cash.

Annual Maximum Benefit... usually around $1,500, for individual or family.

Next, let's look at...

Dental Indemnity Plans

Indemnity plans... also known as "traditional" dental insurance plans, your next most expensive type of dental plan.

Why are indemnity plans expensive?

Mainly because, they charge you for the "freedom to choose" your own primary dentist, and/or specialists. They usually have a recommended list of dentists. If you use a recommended dentist, then co-insurance payments are a little smaller.

Dental indemnity plans have deductibles, and co-insurance payments... based on a percentage of services cost.

Annual Maximum Benefit... usually around $1,200, for individual or family.

Next up...

Dental Preferred Provider Organization Plans

DPPOs are considered less expensive than indemnity dental plans in regards to monthly premium cost. They're one of two types of dental managed care plans, the other is DHMOs (see below).

DPPOs have a tight network of dentists. Dentists within these networks have agreed to discount their fees in order to participate in network. Even so, plan does allow you to visit dentists outside of network... as long as you're willing to pay more out-of-pocket costs.

You pay co-insurance with DPPO's, and they have deductibles.

Annual Maximum Benefit... usually around $1,200, for individual or family.

Next, our other managed care plan...

Dental Health Maintenance Organization Plans (DHMO)

Dental HMOs are the other type of managed care dental plan. Dental HMOs plans are even cheaper and less expensive than DPPO's (again, in regards to monthly premium cost).

Why are Dental HMOs less expensive than DPPO's?

Primarily because... they strictly require members to visit only dentists withing network. They won't pay for any dental visits outside of network. Again, dentists who've agreed to discount their fees in exchange for being able to participate in network.

Keep this in mind with DHMo's... extensive services or major dental work is often denied, even within network.

DHMO's usually don't have a deductible or an annual maximum.

Lastly, but certainly not the least of the 5 major types of dental plans...

Dental Discount Plans (DDP)

Discount plans are technically Not insurance plans. They are fee for service plans... you pay for deeply discounted services when you receive them.

DDP's are able to offer deep discounts on a wider number of procedures. Primarily because, they don't employ third party administrators.

Why are dental discount plans your LEAST expensive type of plan?

Mainly, because of what I just mentioned... No third party administrators. They cut out the cost of having to pay a middle man. They pass along those savings to you, their members. In the form of deep discounts on dental work, and low monthly fees or premiums.

DDP's have No deductible, or annual maximums.

There you have it, the "short of it".

That Pretty Much Wraps Up Our Dental-Insurance-Guide Discussion

If you want more behind the scenes info about any one of these 5 major types of dental plans... see links below.

But, before you go... I and the dental-insurance-guide must share a recommendation with you. You've probably guessed, or already know, which type of dental plan I prefer.

But why... why does your dental-insurance-guide prefer Dental Discount Plans?

Why I Prefer Discount Dental Plans May Surprise You

Your dental-insurance-guide doesn't just prefer discount dental plans because they're the most inexpensive type of plans.

No, I as...

"Your dental-insurance-guide" prefers the nations leading national discount dental or dental savings plan because. Firstly, this plan offers you discounts on Any and All dental work... including All cosmetic procedures... none of the other type dental plans do that.

It's The Only Full And Complete (Comprehensive) Dental Plan

No other plan, within any of the 5 major types of dental plans, come close to offering you a discount... or even partial coverage... towards ALL or even MOST cosmetic dental work. Except maybe, self-funded plans.

Also, and this is huge! This particular dental discount plan offers...


Recommended plan offers you and ANYONE else in your household... comprehensive household coverage. Regardless of whether household member(s) are married to you, your dependents, or not.

No other dental insurance plan of any type in America... that I know of... offers you HOUSEHOLD coverage, except this discount plan.

Do check us out, up close... you'll be glad you did.

Finally, If You Want...

More behind the scene info about any of the 5 major types of dental insurance plans... simply click on link of interest below:

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Take care, and...

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