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I, your Dental-Plans-Guide, Moe Fard - do not rent, lease, or give away contact information about you.

This page gives you a brief outline about what goes on with the limited contact information I gather about you, and how I use it.

Inquires regarding your contact info or privacy concerns can be e-mail to me at: privacy@dental-discount-plans-guide.com

General Information

I collect your domain name (when possible), when you visit my web pages - information on what pages you visit. Your e-mail address when you communicate with me via e-mail, and information volunteer by you, such as contact form info.

The information I collect is used to improve the content of this site's web pages... used to customize the content and/or layout of my pages for you. And, used to notify you about updates to this website.

Your information is NEVER shared with other persons, or organizations for any purposes.

In Regard To E-mail

If you do not want to receive future e-mails from me, please let me know by sending me an e-mail at the above address, and I promise you won't receive any more e-mails from me.

In Regards To Postal Addresses

If you provide me with your postal address, you will only get information in relation to why you provided me your address in the first place - that's a promise.

In Regards To Telephone Numbers And Faxes

If you provide me with your telephone or fax numbers. You may receive a telephone call or fax from me, in regards to why you provided me your contact information in the first place. You won't receive any other calls or faxes from me, unless it deemed absolutely necessary.

In Regards To Cookies

I use cookies to record session information, in order to track how my website is used during the time you browse through pages. No personal information is ever recorded in the cookie.

In Regard To "Recommended Dental Plan"

I am affiliated with the "recommended dental plan" company known as AmeriPlanĀ® - I am Independent Business Owner (IBO), or a referent/re-seller of AmeriPlan's Dental and Healthcare Plans, Products or Services.

As such, I will become extensively involved with any problems or concerns you may experience with their products, services or website - I will do my Darn Best to help resolve any problems you may experience with their services... My Promise!

In Regards To Affiliate Websites

If you have a problem with any affiliate or advertised website promoted directly from this website, please let me know and I will do what I can to help resolve problem. Ultimate, responsibility for product or services rest with the affiliate websites.

My expertise rest with recommending dental or health plans services... being your dental-plans-guide and IBO (broker).

In Regards To Security

At this time - this website DOES NOT perform any on-line transactions... as such... I cannot be responsible for any on-line transactions with affiliate or advertised websites.

Always double check affiliate/linked website for posting of security ASSURANCE EMBLEMS before making any on-line credit card purchases.

I DO vouch for the professionalism, integrity, quality of service, and legality of all affiliate websites links FROM this website. You should have no problems with any of the websites linked FROM this website.

If you have any problems with this website or any website linked FROM this site, please let me know and I will do what I can to help resolve the problem, as soon as possible.


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