How Dental-Discount-Plans...
  Help Slash Small And Mid-Size Business's
Health Benefits Costs

Can Dental-Discount-Plans Really Save Your Company Good Money?

There's one, I know of for sure, that can save your company a great deal of money.

But first, please understand this... discount plans come in many different shapes and sizes. Most are flimsy... some are OK... a select few are Good... One is Excellent.

In other words, yes a few discount plans really do save businesses, and families, huge amounts of money on treatment costs. All while they save hundreds of small and mid-size businesses big bucks on health benefits costs.

Discount-dental-plans as a whole, are...

The Most Comprehensive Dental Coverage Plans In America

For example the leading discount dental plan covers All major dental work... including ALL implant, braces, and bridges work. This same plan covers ALL cosmetic work... caps, crowns, enamel shaping, veneers and more. In total... Any and All dental work. * Except, orthodontic work in progress.

Comprehensive coverage is why employees and families love this plan.

Dental-Discount-Plans Enrollment Process?

Is simple and easy... a big reason why small and mid-size businesses love these plans.

Business Owners and HR Managers... you too will love how simple and easy it is to enroll and maintain 5 or 500 employees.
  • No Minimum Participation Requirements
  • No Open and Closed Season Enrollments
  • No Complicated Claim Forms
  • No Messy Reimbursement Forms
  • No Need For Third Party Administrators
As such, discount plans cuts deeply into your company's overall administrative benefits costs.

Some call discount-dental-plans...

"America's Best Kept HealthCare Secret"

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That DentalPlansGuy...

Here you'll find useful... insider info about all types of dental plans... including DHMO, PPO, Indemnity, Self-Funded/Direct Reimbursement... as well as discount-dental-plans.

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