All Have A Similar DNA Code...
Knowing This Simple Code Helps You Select
Dental Coverage Suitable To Your Lifestyle

All American-dental-plans have 8 common features when it comes to the coverage they offer you... regardless of plan type.

The DNA-8 is simply a term... used to help you grasp what American plans offer... in the way of affordable and suitable dental coverage.

Know and Understand These 8 Dental-Plan Features

Knowing these 8 common features... or the DNA-8 of American plans... will speed up your process of examining and selecting a suitable dental plan.

The DNA-8 of American-Dental-Plans

These Are The 8 Primary Features

  1. Deductible: what you must pay before insurance kicks in.

  2. Pre-existing condition: exclusion base on health or age.

  3. Waiting Period: how long you must wait before visiting dentist.

  4. Limitations: on number of annual or yearly dental visits.

  5. Access to Specialists: which specialists are included in plan.

  6. Annual Dollar Cap: yearly dollar amount limit plan with pay.

  7. Claim Forms: how complex and lengthy are claim forms.

  8. Premium or Monthly Cost: dental plans monthly cost.

These DNA-8 features are things I'm sure you've heard mention of.

If you compare plans with these 8 features... they'll keep you from over-looking any important aspect of any type of dental plan.

Examine And Weigh Any American Plan

The DNA-8 of American plans will help you to examine and weigh any of the 5 major types of dental plans.

The 5 major types of American-plans:
  • Indemnity Dental Plans...
  • DPPO Dental Plans...
  • DHMO Dental Plans...
  • Dental Discount Plans ...
  • Direct Reimbursement Or Self-Insured Dental Plans.

Using the DNA-8 code to weigh any of these 5 plans... will allow you to...

Spot Loopholes In Dental Plans

With the DNA-8 code in mind... you'll be able to spot any type of loopholes in dental plan's coverage.

When I used the DNA-8 code to compare dental-plans...the number one thing I became fully aware of was. Out of all 5 major types of American=dental-plans.

Discount Dental Plans Beat...

...all other dental plan types hands down, especially when it comes to flexibility and "ease of use".

Dental discount plans rate especially high in the areas of ... (5.) access to specialists... and (3.) waiting period (no waiting periods)...

Dental Discount Plans Also Rated Excellent In "Overall Low-Cost"

To say it another way...

Discount plans have NO deductibles... and NO annual dollar cap or limitations, whatsoever. They also have inexpensive premiums or low monthly cost.

Don't take my word for it... put the DNA-8 code to work for you... and see what you come up with. In the meantime...

...Check Out This Major Media Recognized Dental Plan

No matter what code or yardstick you use... when you take a close-up look at our top-rated discount dental plan below.

You too will rate this dental plan high...

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This is our major media recognized dental plan. Yes, it's head and shoulders above all other types of American-dental-plans... "traditional" dental insurance plans, as well as, "discount" dental plans.

It's the only plan you, and your family, or business will ever need for ALL your dental care. Also...

This uniquely comprehensive "Dental Plus Plan" covers ALL cosmetic dental work, too!

Yes, Coverage For ALL cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic procedures such as....

Dental veneers... teeth whitening... enamel shaping... implants... bonding...you name the procedure... our comprehensive dental plan covers it.

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I know of no other dental coverage plan in America that can boast... "we cover ALL cosmetic procedures" - It's true... take a look for yourself.

As a matter of fact... they cover ALL dental procedures, period.

There you have it...

Use the DNA-8 to measure and weigh all types of American-dental-plans before you buy... and you won't go wrong.

As a matter of fact... you'll be forced to admit our "Dental Plus Plan" is the finest dental plan in America!

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