Discount Dental Plans Make Great
Way Less Costlier Than Any Self-Funded Plan

"Discount" business-dental-plans... why not a discount dental plan for your mid-size business?

Are rising health and dental benefits cost causing your business to look for a dental insurance alternative... namely a self-funded dental plan?

Well, before you implement a self-funded plan... you owe to yourself, and your company, to take a good hard look at a discount dental plan.


Because the right discount plan can save your company way more money than any self-funded plan. And, please don't think you have to accept limited coverage as trade off.

Discount Plans Cut Out The Middle-Man...

...the Administrative Services Organizations (ASO), or Third Party Administrators (TPA) .

Discount Dental Plans Policies Are Pre-Written.

Because "discount" plans policies are pre-written... there's no need for a third party or a plan administrator.

Unlike self-funded plans... where you have the overhead cost of a plan administrator. Not to mention, you need to set aside a large pool of cash to make a self-insured plan work. In addition, you need to purchase stop-loss insurance.

Discount plans... by Not having to pay plan administrators... are able to pass along those savings to you in the form of comprehensive dental coverage at low rates. And, you don't need to set aside a large pool of cash.

No middle man or third party administrator... might cause you to think....

We HR People Get Bog Down In Paperwork?

Does not having a plan administrator means your business, or human resource personnel... gets bogged down in costly and time consuming paperwork?

Or even worse, you have to deal with complicated financial forms your office isn't equip to deal with?

Absolutely Not!

Discount Dental Plans Have Very Little Paperwork

They have way less paperwork than self-funded or dental insurance plans. That's the primary reason why you don't need a third party administrator or an ASO.

Administrative paperwork hassles are practically non-existent with "discount" business-dental-plans... clean, simple, brief documentation.

Your Secretary Or Receptionist...

...can take care of the simple and small amount of paperwork required.

To be absolutely clear...

"Discount" business-dental-plans have NO long... complicated... time consuming forms for you and your employees to complete, ever. No one ever has to fill out any complex forms... either for enrollment, billing, or dis-enrollment.

With "Discount" Business-Dental-Plans, There Are...

  • No open or closed season enrollments... no dates and forms for you or employees to worry about. Word is... employees dread open season. Less paperwork for you or them to worry about.

  • No minimum participation requirements... regardless the size of your business or the number of your enrollments. The same coverage is available to all employees. Including, all part-time employees.

  • No complicated claim forms... employees and staff both will be happy to not have to deal with these dreaded forms.

  • No messy reimbursement forms... deep discounts are pre-determined, all paperwork is handled at dentists' office, as such...

  • No expensive Third Party Administrators needed... there's absolutely nothing for them to do, everything can be handled in house.

By the way, you should know...

All Discount Or Dental Savings Plans Are NOT Alike

Just like in any field or industry... some businesses or companies do things better than other companies or businesses.

My point here is this...

Some Discount Or Dental Savings Plans Are Better Than Others

Take for example our top-rated... "major media recognized" discount dental plan... the One I'm affiliated with. It offers all the above time and money saving dental benefits and more.

It's the most comprehensive treatment dental plan in the USA. This plan covers more dental procedures than any dental insurance or discount plan you can name - see below...

It's A Money Saving, HR Friendly, Comprehensive Dental Plan

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You can visit corporate site here... find out more about their top-rated "Dental Plus Plan". It's the Cadillac of discount dental plans or business-dental-plans.

Our "Dental Plus Plan" Doesn't Just Offer Discounted Dental Care...

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Plan also gives your company discounted vision care... prescription care... and chiropractic care... all included in one package for FREE - when you enroll in our "Dental Plus Plan".

Go ahead and visit parent company site... you'll be glad you did.

Your request for a group proposal is welcomed... Broker-Moe

In meantime, take care and...

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