Obamacare Makes Insurers Offer Dental Coverage For Children, But You Still May Have To Pay Costly Deductible And Out-OF-Pocket Maximum First

Supplemental, "discount" child-dental-plans may provide the help you need to balance your budget... while ensuring your child gets the dental care she deserves.

In other words... do check the fine print in your dental policy. Make sure your expectations are in agreement with policy limitations.

Years ago when my son was much younger, way before Obamacare, it was the policy's fine print that blew me away.

Don't Let The Same Thing Happen To You

How I got starting writing about child-dental-plans or dental plans in general...

Again, several years ago, I was having a hard time finding a dental insurance plan that would offer my then 11 yr old son coverage for dental braces, or orthodontia treatment.

I was faced with a gut wrenching situation...

Where to find dental plans sensitive to my child's needs... and my wallet. In other words... where to obtain and find so-called affordable child-dental-plans.

"My Story Continues Something Like This..."

Yes, I had an "employer sponsored" dental coverage plan... yet, it didn't offer coverage for my son.

For personal reasons, my son had been under his mothers plan in another state.

Regardless, my son needed dental braces, badly! I wanted to find child-dental-plans, or dental insurance plans that would provide coverage for children's dental braces.

I couldn't just standby and...

Watch My Child Grow-Up With Crooked Teeth!

Of course, on the other hand... my son's situation didn't stop my human resource manager from informing me...

I needed to get a dental insurance rider... in order to include my son on my employer sponsored dental policy.

Ok, I Was Willing To Get A Dental Plan Rider

Which meant... I'd be adding my son to my dental policy, and of course pay more in monthly premiums.

There Was Still One Little Itsey-Bitsey Catch To All This...

Even with the dental rider... the dental insurance company still didn't offer coverage for dental braces... I was blown away!

So how was my son going to get the braces he needed? I was stumped.

I didn't know where to begin to find the coverage I needed. In other words... where to find a child-dental-plan. Or a dental plan sensitive to children's oral problems.

Just The Child-Dental-Plan I Needed...

I found it "off-line", in a brochure.

Of course, this plan is now available online, too. This brochure promised to give me...

...A 55% Discount On Orthodontic Treatment Or Dental Braces, and...

Smaller Monthly Premiums And More Service

My new dental plan... or my discount child-dental-plan's monthly premium, or monthly fee was cheaper.

Cheaper than the monthly premium I had with my old dental insurance plan at work.

Bottom-line, I was now able to afford dental braces for my son.

Even with Obamacare changes and all, many dental insurance plans today still don't provide affordable coverage for dental braces or orthodontia. Remember, you can still supplement with a "discount" child-dental-plan.

"I Just Gave You My Story ... My Challenges"

But, that's not why you're here... just to hear my story, or hear me complain about my past challenges finding a suitable dental insurance plan.

No, you came here to get...

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Get more info on child-dental-plans, or dental plans suitable for you and your children. If you're not totally happy with the dental coverage your MarketPlace or employer is offering. Then take a look at this plan. This "dental savings plan" is great for supplementing coverage for children and families.

If you're looking for a comprehensive, affordable family dental plan...?

Then The Choice Is Clear

The dental plan I speak of... I continue to use, and affiliated with... is a comprehensive, more than affordable dental plan or child-dental-plan.

Their "Dental Plus Plan" is sure to give you and your child, or children, access to the professional dental care they should have... including braces.

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Our "Dental Plus Plan" is the only "discount" or dental savings plan... or child-dental-plan you'll ever need for the whole family. It's the finest dental plan in the USA, period - BAR NONE! If you don't like the dental coverage your MarketPlace or employer is offering... try ours.

There's no law against supplementing your dental coverage. Go ahead, visit our company site... you'll be glad you did.

One more thing...

Do You Have An Infant Child... Or Expecting A Baby?

If so, you may want to check out my webpage about infant dental care... interesting stuff.

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