Be Amazed At How Much Money
A Discount Dental Plan Can Save
Your Health Benefits Budget

"Discount" corporate-dental-plans... yes, during these times of rising health benefits cost, why not take a serious look at a discount dental plan?

When you do the math, a good discount plan is a tremendous cost saving alternative to any dental insurance plan. Including, any self-funded dental plan, by a long shot.

A discount plan can save your corporation a significant amount of money... by way of monthly fees or premiums... and in administrative or ASO costs.

All while providing your corporation with more comprehensive dental coverage.

Talk About A Dental Insurance Alternative

These dental benefit plans... can we agree to call them... "discount" corporate-dental-plans. These plans slide-in way under your allocated BUDGET. And that's just one of the many benefits you could write home about.

Discount plans are not only...

INEXPENSIVE Dental Benefit Plans

They're also...

Easy to understand, and a select few are comprehensive in their coverage. Because discount, or dental saving plans are easy to understand, they're easy to present to your accountant, your boss, your committee. And of course, your fellow employees.

"Discount" corporate-dental-plans are clear and simple pre-written dental plans... plans that get the job done way below budget.

Look Closely At Dental Insurance Plans

And you'll find... over priced... loophole filled... high deductible... dental plans.

Not to mention... their way too small annual limits... which always fall way short of your employees and their family's treatment costs. Especially, for major or restorative dental work.

To put it another way...

Dental insurance plans don't even begin to keep pace with your employee's changing lifestyles, needs, and desires.

One discount or dental savings plan offers your employees Household Coverage and coverage for Cosmetic Procedures.

"Discount" corporate-dental-plans mean you have...

Less Administrative PAPERWORK

Actually... they're less paperwork period.

Your human resource director won't have to deal with a lot of time draining paperwork. If you're the purchasing agent... they'll love you and owe you for that.

Discount dental plans have...

A Clear... Simple... Paperwork Free... Hassle-Free Model

The administrative paperwork hassles are practically non-existent - clean and easy documentation, simple as 123.

No long... complicated... time consuming forms for you and your employees to complete. Neither for enrollment, billing, or dis-enrollment with "discount" corporate-dental-plans.

And your employees will especially love the fact... discount plans, or "discount" corporate-dental-plans have...

No Complicated CLAIM FORMS For Employees To File, EVER

No claim forms to file... speaks loudly on its own.

To sum it all up...

"Discount" Corporate-Dental-Plans Have...

  • No open or closed season enrollments... no dates (forms)for you or employees to ever worry about.

  • No minimum participation requirements... regardless the size of your organization or the number of your enrollments... coverage is available to your agency or company, including all part-time employees.

  • No pre-existing conditions limitations... none of your employees will be refused coverage because of ANY medical or age limitations, (In keeping with Obamacare).

  • No Annual or maximum dollar amount limitations (including number of visits). ** No need to tell you how huge this is to your employees.

All the above and more... at a cost your accountant and bosses will love.

And now please hear this, there is...

Only One Discount Dental Plan That Does It All

The following dental plan... the only one I use and will promote to you... gives you all the above and more.

I encourage you to take a close-up look at our industry leading discount dental plan... find out first hand what we have to offer your corporation.

This is the one and only plan offering you everything I've just mention and more.

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You won't find a more comprehensive... professional... customer friendly health benefits company in the USA.

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Ours Is The ONE And ONLY Dental and Health Benefits Company...'ll ever need or want to use.

We give you ONE simple... straightforward... easy-to-understand... comprehensive... all inclusive dental benefits package.


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We welcome your request for a group proposal... Broker-Moe.

There you go... hope this helps, and...

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