Are There Real And Significant Differences
In The Five Major Types Of Dental Plans?

Dental-Benefit-Plans... these days you hear so much about DHMO, PPO, Indemnity, Self-Funded and Discount or Dental Savings Plans.

So, what are the real differences in these plans... or are there any real and significant differences?

They all allow you to see a dentist, right? They all have some sort of limitations and exclusions, right? And, they all cost you money, correct?

Well, there are real and significant differences in these dental-benefit-plans.

The Differences Can Put A Hugh Dent In Your Bottom Line

Getting a dental-benefit-plan Not suitable to your lifestyle or business operation could cost your family hundreds of dollars a year... and if you're a business... tens of thousands of dollars a year.

In an effort to help shed some "bottom-line", or "behind the scenes" light on dental-benefit-plans, I've developed...

A simple 7 Point CheckList that guides you through the process of selecting the type of dental-benefit-plan suitable for you, your family, or business. Highlighting the most important features offered by the 5 major types of dental plans.

We'll get to our checklist shortly, but first, you should know a "little secret" about dental-benefit-plans

Dental-Benefit-Plans "Little Secret" Goes Like This...

Well actually, it's not such a "little" secret... anyway, here it is...

"There's really NOT much difference in the amount of savings or discounts a consumer receives on covered or insured procedures by the various, major dental insurance providers".

The Key Word Here Is COVERED - Here's What I Mean...

Do NOT measure the value or difference in a dental-benefit-plan's coverage by HOW MUCH they pay towards cost of procedures. Measure their worth by HOW MANY procedures they cover.

Can You See Why This Is Important... If Not Let Me Explain?

Because dental-benefit-plans (92%), pay about the same amount towards most procedures... especially those procedures known as "usual and customary"...

If You Look Only On The Surface... all look about the same. And why shouldn't they, I mean they all say they pay pretty much the same amount for customary procedures, such as:

  • Most providers make payments or give you savings ranging from 80% to 100% ($52.- $125.) on preventive work (teeth cleaning, check-ups, x-rays, etc.).

  • Most plans cover or save you between 25% - 65% ($140.- $600.) on restorative and *cosmetic work (fillings, crowns, bondings, etc.)(*most plans don't cover cosmetic procedures).

  • Most plans cover or save you anywhere from 25% - 50% ($125.- $3,500) on *specialist work or major dental care procedures (bridges, braces, implants, etc.) (*not all plans cover specialist's procedures).

Just remember, we're talking about payment amounts for the most commonly known dental procedures.

Now let's look at...

"How Dental-Benefit-Plans DIFFER"

Look beyond coverage for basic procedures (customary procedures)... look below the surface at more complex procedures like cosmetic procedures... then begin to see how dental-benefit-plans differ, and differ do they ever, in regards to which procedures they'll cover... beyond usual and customary procedures.

Understand this...

ALL Dental-Benefit-Plans Have Some Sort Of...

Exclusions... deductibles... restrictions... or a combination of all 3 features.

What's excluded, deducted, or restricted is different with different providers or plans... I doubt if this comes as a surprise.

Some dental- benefit-plans have deductibles, some don't. Some have exclusions and restrictions... some don't... so on and so on, (see below for description of exclusions, deductibles and restrictions).

There are 5 Major Types or Categories of dental-benefit-plans...

The 5 Types Of Dental Benefit Plans

The 5 major categories or types of providers:

  1. Dental Indemnity Insurance Plans (DIIP)

  2. Dental Preferred Provider Organizations Plans (D-PPO).

  3. Dental Home Maintenance Organizations Plans (DHMO)

  4. Direct Reimbursement or Self-Funded Plans(DR/SFD)

  5. Discount Or Dental Savings Plans (DDSP)

"Let's Use Our 7 Point CheckList On 5 Provider Types"

Checklist focuses on what's really different and important... what to pay special attention to with each different type of dental plan:

  1. Dental Indemnity Insurance Plans (DIIP) - your "traditional" dental insurance plans, high monthly premiums, flexible but most expensive type of plans.

    7 Essential Points or Features:

    Deductible -- ($150.- $300.)

    Exclusions on pre-existing conditions -- No

    Waiting period -- Yes, 6 mo. on most services.

    Limits or cap on yearly visits -- Yes

    Limited access to specialists -- No

    Annual dollar cap -- Yes, $1000.- $1500.

    Monthly Cost -- $45.+ per family

  2. Dental Preferred-Provider-Organizations (D-PPO) - another true dental insurance plan, a managed care plan. A group of dentist agree to offer their services to a "third party administrator" at a discounted rate.

    7 Essential Points or Features:

    Deductible -- ($150.- $300.)

    Exclusions on pre-existing conditions -- Yes

    Waiting period -- Most have them

    Limits or Cap on yearly visits -- Yes

    Limited access to specialists -- Yes

    Annual dollar cap -- Yes, $1000. - $1500.

    Monthly cost -- $30.+ per family.

  3. Dental Health Maintenance Organizations (DHMO) - also a true dental insurance plan, also a manage care plan. Operates very much like their health-care HMO sister, known for using tactics to discourage patient visits.

    7 Essential Points or Features:

    Deductible -- Yes, may have to pre-pay 1 full yr premium

    Exclusions on pre-existing conditions -- Yes

    Waiting period -- No

    Limits or cap on yearly visits -- Yes

    Limited access to specialists -- Yes

    Annual dollar cap -- Yes, $500. - $1200.

    Monthly cost -- $20. - $40 per family

  4. Direct Reimbursement Or Self-Insured Dental(DR/SFD) - fee for service plans, employer funded plans. Reimburses patients according to dollars spent on dental services or dental work - offered by employers.

    7 Essential Points or Features:

    Deductible -- Yes, $200. - $500. (varies widely)*

    Exclusion on pre-existing conditions -- No

    Waiting period -- No

    Limits or cap on yearly visits -- No

    Limited access to specialists -- No

    Annual dollar cap -- Yes, $1200. - $1500

    Monthly cost* -- None.

  5. Discount or Dental Saving Plans (DDSP) - national and regional membership corporations, huge "buyer clubs". DDSP negotiate deep discounts on dental and other health benefits, such as vision, hearing, & chiropractic health plans. .

    7 Essential Points or Features:

    Deductible -- No

    Exclusions on pre-existing conditions -- No

    Waiting period -- No

    Limits or cap on yearly visits -- No

    Limited access to specialists -- No

    Annual dollar cap -- No, (none)

    Monthly cost -- $14. - $25. per household* (family).

* Notice all these NO's for Discount Plans

Discount Plans NO's Are A Good Thing

Plain and simple, here's what I mean...

Discount Plans As Opposed to Dental Insurance Plans...

...offer you positive NO's ... NO Visitation... Limits - NO Annual Dollar Caps - NO Age or Health Restrictions NO Waiting period - NO LOOPHOLES!

Meaning... discount or dental savings plans offer you more complete and comprehensive dental care coverage.

Breaking Down Discount Plans Further

Although practically all discount plans have the same structure... No restrictions and No limitations.

Where they vastly differ is with the comprehensiveness of their coverage. Meaning... how many dental procedures are covered by plan.

The plan below is the "Reigning Champ of Comprehensive Coverage". They happen to be the originators of the discount dental and heath benefits plans model.

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Now that's comprehensive and convenient coverage.

To Emphasize Industry Leader's Comprehensive Coverage Further

Get this... in terms of number of procedures covered. Our industry leading "Dental Plus Plan" next closes competitor covers only a 147 dental procedures - 147 covered procedures vs 353 covered procedures.

Think about that!

If comprehensive and cost saving dental coverage interest you...

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There you go...

A Brief Rundown On The Different Types Of Dental-Benefit-Providers

Solid background info on dental-benefit-plans and the coverage they offer... using our 7 essential checklist features.

I hope this helps, and...

*Thanks for Visiting*

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