Great For "Freedom- To-Choose", But
Are They Ever Tricky With Their
"Usual And Customary" Fee Schedule

Dental-indemnity-insurance plans (DIIPs)... are great when it comes to "freedom to choose".

"Freedom-to-choose" means... you have the option to choose your own primary dentist. If you're cautious and selective about which dentist you trust with your oral health, then...

"Freedom-To-Choose" Is An Important Option To Have

With a dental indemnity plan you're not limited... mandated... or asked to choose from a pre-approved network of dentists under contract. Like you are with dental HMO and PPO managed care plans.

On the other hand...

You will need to get pre-authorization for specialists care , or major dental work.

Aside from getting approval for major dental work.

Members Of Dental-Indemnity-Insurance Plans (DIIPs)

...give DIIPs high marks for their flexibility... or their "freedom-to-choose" option.

On the other hand... the thing members complain most about, or give DIIP's low marks for is their...

Notorious "Usual & Customary" Fee Schedule

I've heard horror stories...

...stories about how dental-indemnity-insurance carriers have gotten away with paying very little amounts for dental work. Under the cover of their outdated "usual & customary" fee schedule.

"Usual & Customary" fee schedules list the cost, or the approval amount (which is a discounted amount)... for most dental procedures.

It's an amount, or a dollar figure the indemnity insurance carrier agrees to pay... or reimburse the dentist for dental work performed.

"Usual And Customary" Reimbursement Amounts Are...

...always a lot less than what the dentists or specialists charge for their services.

Pretty much any dentist you talk too will confirm cases of such small and unfair reimbursements amounts from DIIPs.

Often, what the indemnity insurance plan pays towards a procedure, and what the dentist charges for that procedure is... vastly different.

Of course, you as a patient of an indemnity plan are responsible for any and all differences. Differences between the dentist's actual charges... and what insurance company actually pays.

Dental-Indemnity-Insurance Schedule Outdated

Noted Dentist - Dr. Robert P. McBride, D.D.S., M. A.G.D. is on record stating... (see my Dental Insurance Plans page), "most of the reimbursement amounts on the 'usual & customary' fee schedule are..."

"Based On Dentists Cost Determined In The 1970's"

Yes, dental indemnity insurance "usual & customary" fee schedule, or reimbursement amounts... are based on what dentists charged, or billed for their services in the 1970's.

Can you believe that... indemnity insurance carriers pay dentists according to a "usual & customary" fee schedule made in the 70's?

The Mid 70's... That's Over 4O Yrs Ago

In over 40 years, the "usual & customary" reimbursement fee schedule has NOT taken inflation into account... and here we are in 2016 and beyond.

You longer need to accept that kind of abuse anymore.

Instead, Get A Discount Dental Plan

That's exactly what I did.

Given DIIPs "usual & customary" fee schedule... a fee schedule based on prices in the 1970's. You're better off with a discount plan - you get a bigger discount.

I Use And Recommend A Discount Dental Plan

But, not just any discount dental plan.

The discount plan I recommend gives you deeper, or bigger discounts than any DIIP.

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It's the nation's leading discount dental plan... guaranteeing you coverage on every single dental procedure. Unlike dental-indemnity-insurance plans loop-hole filled coverage.

That's right, all dental work is covered... except orthodontic treatment (dental braces), already in progress.

Any And ALL Dental Work Is Covered

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Their dental care promise... Any and All dental work is covered, period. That my friend is one powerful promise... one powerful dental and health care company.

Do "check out" their corporate site... and tell'em Broker-Moe sent you.

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Finally, If You Want...

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