"Old School" Dental-Insurance-Coverage
It's Nothing More Than
You're Better Off With A Discount Dental Plan

Yes old school or "traditional"... indemnity dental-insurance-coverage is a Rip- Off... and I'm not the only concerned dental care person, who'll tell you that... most dentist will tell you the same.

The following fact is especially evident...

When you compare your "traditional" dental insurance plan with any leading "discount" dental plan. You'll see clearly... for yourself... how your typical "traditional" indemnity dental insurance plan is taking you for a ride.

And I'll prove it, right here, right now... "dental insurance a is Rip-Off"!

Better still...

You Can Prove It To Yourself...

All you have to do is a simple and quick 3 step "math" check:

  • 1. First check to see if the dental insurance plan you have or considering, even covers your desired procedure. You'll be shocked to learn how many procedures your traditional dental-insurance-coverage doesn't cover.

  • 2. Next, look at how much your co-pay is for any given or desired procedure with your dental insurance plan... what portion of dental procedure cost are you responsible for (out of pocket cost)?

  • 3. Lastly, factor in how much you pay monthly or will pay monthly for your dental insurance premium.

Now do the same type of "math check" and...

Comparison With A Quality Dental Discount Plan

And you'll come to the same conclusion I came to... "traditional" dental-insurance-coverage really is a rip-off!

As a matter of fact... below are the results of a comparison I did between one well known dental insurance plan -vs- a quality dental discount plan.

Take A Look At The Two Up-To-Date Charts Below

These charts compare cost and extent of coverage for two different types of dental plans...

A comparison between a leading discount dental-plan... and a typical traditional dental insurance plan, in America.

Note The Charts Below:

MONTHLY RATES (Jan. 1, 2016)***
Major Dental Insurance Company* OPTION 1 OPTION 2**
Child only (age 18 and under) --------- $23.60 $27.30
Adult, spouse and one child ------------ $76.70 $92.00
Adult, spouse and 2 or more children -- $109.60 $130.90
Adult and one child -------------------- $50.30 $59.10
Adult and 2 or more children --------- $83.20 $98.00

Both option 1 & 2 have a $1,000 Annual Benefit Maximum (per person, per benefit period). Both have a 6-month waiting period. Both have $50. deductible for covered services.

* Note, neither Option 1 or Option 2 offers coverage for dental braces and related services.

Chart For Quality Discount Dental Plan

MONTHLY RATES (Jan. 1, 2016)***
Leading Discount Dental Plan* OPTION 1 OPTION 2**
Child only (age 18 and under) --------- $25.00 $25.00
Adult, spouse and one child ----------- $25.00 $25.00
Adult, spouse and 2 or more children -- $25.00 $25.00
Adult and one child --------------------- $25.00 $25.00
Adult and 2 or more children --------- $25.00 $25.00

Option 1 and Option 2 coverage are identical, because there are NO different coverage levels with their DENTAL PLAN. And, there are NO annual maximums, NO waiting periods, and NO deductibles.

** These are actual and current figures provided by AmeriPlanĀ® a Nationwide USA health services provider. Note, the $25.00 figure repeated is not a mistake.

Take a second look at both charts, can it be more simpler and clearer... where the smart choice is?

Of course. you can do same comparison with your particular dental insurance plan.

I Just Gave You The Facts And The Facts Don't Lie!

Now you see why some are saying... dental insurance today is a BIG FAT Ripoff.

With that said.

Let me say this... I assume you're looking for dental coverage? Well below is my recommendation and referral to...

A Comprehensive, Low-Cost, Dental-Coverage Plan

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This is a comprehensive dental coverage plan... offering you coverage for ALL hard to cover dental procedure... at low-cost. Yes it's the one I used in the example above.

Remember, this particular dental-discount-plan not only offers you comprehensive... blanket... dental coverage (they cover all 353 dental procedures).

Included In Comprehensive Coverage Is HOUSEHOLD COVERAGE

Household coverage... meaning, everyone who lives in your household is covered... whether you're married, related, a dependent or NOT.

All can be covered under the same, low monthly premium dental plan, at no extra cost.

Try finding a "traditional" dental insurance plan that offers you household coverage.

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You can find this comprehensive... household plan here. This discount plan gives you a whole lot more than what your typical "traditional" dental-insurance-coverage plan gives you... see for yourself.

Take a look... you'll be glad you did.

Oh, I almost forgot...

Visit here... if you would like some interesting and thought provoking info about the history of dental-insurance-plans in America

Take care and...

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