How DENTAL-INSURANCE-PLANS Became "The Abused Step-Child Of Health Care"... And How You Can Avoid Being Abused By Health And Dental Insurance Companies

The Evolution Of Dental-Insurance-Plans

A quick look at the evolution of health insurance in America leads us to... the development and growth of dental-insurance-plans in this country.

In 1929 - Dallas, TX - teachers were the first Americans to have a health plan established for them... a group health insurance plan.

In 1941 - New York, NY - Years later, members of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union followed the Texas teachers with... the first sick benefit clause in a labor contract.

In 1942, Rhode Island was the first state to enact a workers compensation law - several states quickly followed.

From Mid 40's To Early 70's...

....the national (American) "goal" was to provide quality medical care to all.

In the 60's and early 70's congress debated many bills that would have provided national health insurance for all... well, we all know the outcome of those debates. "Looks like congress been blowing a lot hot air around for awhile".

Isn't it amazing... how similar today's hotly debated health care issues are with those of yesterday... doesn't look like we've made much progress.

First Dental-Insurance-Plan Comes Into Existence...

During the 60's while congress was doing all this debating...

...Delta Dental (1964), began making much needed and overlooked dental insurance (dental care) coverage available to general American public. Delta was the first company to offer a "dental specific insurance plan".

Before that, there were no stand alone dental-insurance-plans.

A few health insurance plans did offer some form of dental coverage, but most offered No dental coverage at all ... patients or consumers were responsible for their own oral care needs.

52 Years Later - 2016

And now, I would like to turn over our behind-the-scenes look at the history of health and dental-insurance-plans to our distinguished guest, Dentist: Robert P. McBride, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.

"Dental Insurance Plans As They Are Now"

"Like so many encroachments we experience in life, the dental insurance industry was not satisfied with its influence on treatment plans and fee determinations...

...eventually, a larger "piece of the pie" was requested by the dental insurance industry in the form of Managed Care."

"Managed Care is where dentists... who enlist... agree to reduce their fees by as much as 20% to have patients placed in their chairs... managed cost - NOT managed care.

"Benefits Have Not Changed In Over 40 Years"

Dental insurance benefits or maximums have not changed within the past 40 years... their profit level is dependent upon the dentists Not adjusting their fees according to normal inflationary processes.

Dental Insurance Companies Benefit Allowances

"All dental insurance companies have a table of benefit allowances which rarely exceeds $1,500. per calendar year. This allowable amount is very close to the benefit amount of the 1970's."

"If dental benefits were to have kept up with inflation... such as they have with medical insurance... they would amount to over $10,000. per year."

Thank you Dr. McBride... for sharing that background info. His website is as follows:

What I take away from Dr. McBride's statements is... thanks to the historical and on-going greed of dental insurance companies... consumers get an extremely poor deal from their dental-insurance-plans.

Discount Plans vs Dental-Insurance-Plans

Because of the many reasons Dr. McBride has outlined... plus several more equally impressive reasons, I use a "dental discount plan" as my preferred mode of dental coverage.

I've come to sum it up in the following way...

Dental Discount Plans Are One Of America's...

..."Best Kept Secrets"

3 major reasons why discount plans are a "well kept secret"

First... they have NO annual maximum benefit amount. Meaning, you never have to worry about a being turned down, denied benefits or additional treatment payments because of a dollar cap.

Second... I especially like the fact that there's NEVER a deductible for you to worry about... that's right... discount plans have absolutely NO DEDUCTIBLE.

Third... they have NO waiting period. You can take advantage of your benefits or coverage immediately.

The Discount Dental Plan I Recommend

Taking it a step further... let me share with you about the specific dental discount plan I use and recommend... and why I recommend this plan.

The discount plan I recommend offers all the basic benefits of dental discount plans, those I mentioned above, and then some.

For example, this unique and superior discount plan offers you a substantial discount on ALL cosmetic dental work. And that's just for starters...

Because, un-like all other discount plans or dental-insurance-plans...

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Not only do you get huge savings on all cosmetic work. You also get... huge savings on all major dental work. Including, all specialists work. In other words... huge savings on ANY and ALL DENTAL WORK.

This Discount Plan Doesn't Just "Pay Lip-Service" (Smile) To...

Comprehensive coverage... deep discounts... and big savings... "they deliver". You really can't say enough about this dental plan.

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This dental-insurance-plan, rather, I should say discount plan. This discount plan's coverage is so comprehensive... they even offer you HOUSEHOLD coverage... at no extra cost - can you believe that?

You can't go wrong with this dental discount plan.

By the way...

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