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Hi, I'm your Guide for where to save on... ANY and All dental work.

In the meantime, let me share the following...

"No where on this site will you find a bunch of useless... meaningless... deceptive... dental plan quotes thrown at you." Broker-Moe Fard -- The DentalPlansGuy

Regina: So Broker-Moe, why do you say "deceptive" quotes?

Broker Moe: Because quotes are just a bunch of numbers. Numbers really don't tell you much... in regards to... what you're getting for your money.

A dental insurance company may give you a low-cost dollar figure quote, in terms of your monthly premiums, but...

"What the company doesn't tell you... what's not covered. Which of course, are usually the things you want most... like cosmetic dental procedures... dental-braces... implants... and other types of major dental work".

If you allow me, I'll direct you to a proven... low-cost... dental plan.

A dental plan that covers everything...!

Okay, okay, but...

Who's The Real Person They Call... "Broker-Moe"?

For starters, I can tell you this... Broker-Moe's last name is Fard, he lives in upstate New York, Albany (state's capital).

Hi, I'm Regina, A Friend And Neighbor Of Broker-Moe...

Moe has been writing "discount" dental and "discount" healthcare policies, part-time, out of his home office for several years now.

Moe says... "Yes, I truly enjoy the fact most of the dental plan policies I write are for individuals, families and households*.
On the other hand, more and more..."

"Small Businesses And Large Corporations Alike..."

...are seeing the solid value and cost saving benefits of "discount" dental and/or "discount" healthcare plans."

"As such...

...the "discount" dental plan company I broker for has an extensive support team of experienced consultants. Consultants, who work with both me... large businesses and corporations, daily".

Regina: And the company you choose to broker for...?

"I Was Just Lucky To Stumble Across..."

A comprehensive... all inclusive... AWARD WINNING... "discount" healthcare membership organization.

Broker-Moe: Let me say this...

Our flagship service... our "discount" dental-plan... was created a little over 23 years ago. Primarily, for people who employers didn't or don't offer dental insurance coverage.

With that said... this same dental program happens to be...

"Perfectly suited for our modern American society. Our always look your best... from teeth to toes society. Our society places great emphasis on pretty teeth and an appealing smile."

Regina: Perfectly suited... that's an interesting statement?

Broker-Moe: Well yes, but the facts are... this unique dental plan we're discussing, offers complete coverage for ALL cosmetic dental work. And...

They, also offer household coverage... coverage for everyone in your household. Whether you're married, related to household member, or NOT.

Regina: I guess when you really think about it... those are 2 big and important things people want nowadays.

"Moe Likes To BOAST..."

In regards to his success and credentials. With a smirk, Moe says...

"Although, I've only earned the official title of Regional Sales Broker... because of technical reasons. Even so, I got clients and customers (members) nationwide... coast to coast... in the US".

I'm a...

Certified, Independent, "Discount" Dental & Healthcare Broker

I like being an Independent Broker.

"As an Independent... I don't have to worry about an employer censoring or firing me, because I revealed some hidden facts about a dental policy... I like giving people surprising insights ."

Now, Let's Pick-Up On One Of Our Recent Conversations:

Regina: I take it, you've learned a lot about all types of dental plans, but you're an authority on "discount" dental plans?

Broker-Moe: I guess you could say that. Although, I've never actually looked at myself as an authority on dental plans.

Yes, I've learned a lot about all types of dental plans over the years... and "discount" dental plans really do give you...

Regina: So Moe, you don't promote any "traditional" and/or managed care dental insurance plans?

Broker-Moe: No, and if you take a close-up look at most "traditional" (indemnity, DHMO, DPPO) dental insurance policies... you'll quickly discover how most are flimsy and full of COVERAGE LOOPHOLES.

Their poor coverage is easily seen when compared with a quality "discount dental plan. We can even go as far as to say...

"Some Dental INSURANCE Plans Are Nothing But
Big FAT Rip-Offs"

Regina: See what I mean about Moe... could a company employed broker ever come out and say... some "traditional" dental insurance plans are no more that Rip-Offs"!

Broker-Moe: Yes, but remember Regina. Only in the light of modern day "discount" dental plans are we able to see the short comings of "traditional" dental plans.

In the past... people had nothing to judge or compare "traditional" dental insurance coverage with.

Regina: Are you saying... "discount" dental and/or "discount" healthcare plans are the best things going for consumers these days?

Broker-Moe: Yes, the one I belong too... puts the power back in the consumers hands. A collective "discount" dental or "discount" health-care program can be a powerful consumer negotiating force!

As I speak, we're actually doing what our government has been unable to do. Negotiate, or bring the cost of healthcare down... for 100's of thousands of middle Americans (our members).

Regina: Alrightee... moving right along. Moe, you say... you can call the next statement...

"A Swipe At The Competition... But It's The Truth!"

Broker-Moe: Yes, no other "discount" dental or "discount" healthcare company, association, or membership organization does it better... than the organization I independently broker for.

Email me here, Broker-Moe... for a group proposal.

Also, for the sake of you cautious shoppers out there. Please allow me to comment on... a bloated... strictly online... "discount" dental and/or health-care company.

You've might of seen them out there... with their Google ads?

Promoting Their Many Different CHEAP Dental Plans

The problem with this online dental plans company.

"Only a few of their plans offer... coverage (very limited) for cosmetic dental work. NONE offer household coverage. And in most cases... NO coverage for major procedures like dental-braces and implants".

The truth of the matter...

They're just an online grab-bag of different dental associations. Various associations, offering different... desperate... poorly put together dental plan packages.

Instead, Moe Recommends Only One...

..."discount" dental or "discount" health-care organization known as AmeriPlan. They're the industry leader... for over 20 years, now... for several good reasons!

They're a member of National Dental Plan Association (NDPA).

And, a member of US Chamber Of Commerce.

Also, their Eyewear Plan...

...is endorsed by Optician Association of America (OAA).

Do yourself a favor...

Hop on over there and spend a few minutes checking them out . If you're looking to enroll in a dental plan... that gives you quality customer service and care... it'll be well worth your time.

Hot Tip - Enroll before a rumored price increase goes in effect.

Email me here, Broker-Moe... for a group proposal.

Regina: Thank you Moe for wanting me to be a part of your online information sharing effort.

And to all you website visitors...

I believe you now have a little better view of who this person we call... Broker-Moe really is. Later all, it's been real... Regina!

Broker-Moe: Thank you Regina... my good friend... for all your help and motivation to get this project done. I really, really, appreciate it!

Inspired by Regina D. - A Wonderful Person & Helper
Edited by Broker-Moe Fard - Regional Sales Broker

*Thanks for Visiting*


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