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DHMO-Dental-Insurance is managed care dental coverage. D-HMO's operate much like their health-care sister plans... Medical or M-HMO plans.

DHMO stands for... dental health maintenance organization.

Although DHMO Plans Are Popular With Businesses

Individuals and families who don't receive dental insurance through their employers have often turned to DHMO's as an alternative.

One of the main advantages of DHMO's is their low monthly premiums.

Unfortunately, dhmo-dental-insurance plans have been known to impose strict restrictions on their insured members.

For example,

DHMO's Will Not Give A Member A Reimbursement If...

...insured member sees a dentist out-of-network.

People insured with DHMO's must select a primary dentist from a pre-approved list.

All Referrals To Dental Specialists Must Be...

...provided by primary dentist.

"Dentists in dhmo-dental-insurance plans are expected to see a certain number of patients. Some dentists have been known to rush through dental appointments to meet their quota".

Members in dhmo plans often complain about tiresome referrals and lengthy claim forms.

DHMO's are notorious for their restrictions, limitations and paperwork hassles.

DHMO's One Of 5 Primary Insurance Types

The other 4 dental plan types are:

  1. Dental Indemnity Insurance Plans

  2. PPO Dental Insurance Plans

  3. Direct Reimbursement Dental Plans

  4. Dental Discount Plans

Let me share a secret with you... all 5 of the above dental plans offer pretty much they same coverage when it comes to preventive treatment, or routine and basic procedures.

They differ when it comes to coverage for advanced or major dental work... when it comes to coverage for expensive dental work.

DHMO's And Major Dental Work

When it comes to coverage for major dental work? DHMO's, as a rule, cover less than 50% of treatment cost, or impose $1,000 maximum... whichever is less.

Let's say... your annual or yearly DHMO maximum is $1,000. $1,000 is the common dollar amount maximum (dollar cap) for most DHMO's.

Here's A Simple Yet All To Common Example

Let's say... you need implants costing roughly $2,200. With a DHMO plan you're going to be responsible for $1,200 of that cost.

Since a $1,000 maximum is less than 50% of cost ($1,100). Remember, DHMO's pay the lessor of 50% or $1,000.

And, of course in this case $1,000 is the lessor of 50% ($1,100). Leaving you to pay the remaining $1,200... your out-of-pocket cost!

You don't get much financial help for major dental work when it comes to DHMO's.

"NOT Only Do DHMO-Dental-Insurance Plans..."

"...limit benefits towards major procedures... in terms of dollar amount they'll pay in any given year. Often, dhmo-dental-insurance plans out-right refuse to pay for numerous major dental procedures".

You don't have to accept poor coverage like that anymore. There's good news... there's an alternative!

Earlier, I mentioned 4 other types of major dental plans.

Of the 4 other types of primary dental plan types... one's a great alternative form of coverage. Especially, when it comes to help paying for major dental work.

The Alternative Is Called Dental Discount Plans

When it comes to help paying for major dental work ... dental discount plans are your best bet.

And in most cases, they're your only help or alternative when it comes paying for major dental work.

How's that?

How dental discount plans work.

First of all, they have...

NO Dollar Cap Limitations... No Maximums!

A good dental-discount-plan will save you upwards of 55% and more on many major dental procedures... with no annual or yearly dollar caps. And, no outright refusal to pay for any major dental work.

Secondly, they have...

Receive Discounts Upwards Of 50% On Major Dental Work...

...on each family member's major dental work. With the discount plan below

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This is the dental discount plan most noted for there generous discounts on major dental procedures. The alternative to dhmo-dental-insurance plans and their almost non-existent coverage for major dental procedures.

And, thirdly, maybe most importantly...

This Discount Dental Plans Does Not Limit Benefits

I've used this recommended dental-discount-plan for both a dental implant and a root-canal.

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You don't have to take my word for it... check out their program for yourself. You can visit this Award-Winning dental discount company here.

There you have it...

A Behind-The-Scenes Rundown On DHMO Insurance

Especially, in regards to their major dental work coverage... which I think we agree is lacking in financial help.

We also look at an alternative to poor DHMO coverage. We looked at award winning dental discount plan.

Get Behind-The-Scenes Info On The Other Plans

Want more behind-the-scenes info on the 4 other types of dental insurance plans...

Then by all means... click plan of interest link below.

Dental Indemnity Insurance Plans

PPO Dental Insurance Plans

Direct Reimbursement Dental

Dental Discount Plans

I think you'll find these pages interesting and informative as well.
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