Employees Generally Like These Dental Plans
It's A Different Story With Employers

Dental Direct-Reimbursement-Plans, or (DDRPs)... are a relatively new and innovative approach to dental insurance coverage.

Employees generally like DDRPs benefit structure... or their approach to dental coverage. Primary because, the majority of DDRPs first $1,500. of yearly dental cost is pickup by the employer.

On the other hand, for the exact same reason... because employers pickup the majority cost.

Many Employers Shy Away From DDRPs

Yes, dental direct-reimbursement-plans can be costly, for employers.

Nevertheless, employers do have some say... or cost containment options they can exercise.

Before we look at these cost containment options... let's look at how dental direct-reimbursement-plans works.

How DDRPs Work:

  • Employees can choose any dentist, no network to select from.

  • Employees nor employers pay a monthly premium.

  • There are no waiting periods on any dental treatment

  • There are usually no deductibles.

  • Pre-authorization for specialist treatment is not required

  • Employees can accurately calculate their cost of treatment from treatment plan given to them by their dentist.

  • Some reimbursement plans cover cosmetic procedures.

Does all the above mean an employee can go out and get $5,000. worth of dental work, and leave you, the employer with the bill?

Of course not.

DDRPs Are Not Quite That Liberal And One Sided

Let's look at how direct-reimbursement-plans are structured and modified for cost containment purposes.

DDRPs Annual Dollar Maximums

Just like with indemnity ("traditional" dental insurance), or most other type dental plans... dental direct-reimbursement plans have a yearly maximum allowance.

Meaning... a dental direct-reimbursement-plan will only pay for a limited amount of dental work... each year or annually.

DDRPs annual or yearly maximum allowances are usually around $1,500.

Okay, so now, let's look at...

Why They're Called Direct-Reimbursement-Plans

DDRPs reimbursement structure for dental work is usually along the lines of the following:

  • 100% reimbursement on the first $250. of expenses.

  • 80% reimbursement on the next $450. of expenses.

  • 50% reimbursement on the next $800. of expenses.

  • $1,200. - $1,500. annual maximum benefit amount.

*Reimbursement amounts/maximums often vary up to $1,500

This is a generic structure of how most direct-reimbursement plans reimburse. Employers can juggle and change structure as they see fit.

Ok, so now let's see how...

Reimbursement Amounts Can Be Adjusted

Here's one example... you, as the employer can decide to pay 100% of the first $100 of expenses, vs. paying 100% of first $300.

You can then decide to pay 75% of next $300... or any combination there of... whatever you, the employer deem sound and fair.

Employers Have Other Cost Containment Options

Employers have the option to offer coverage to employees only, or to employees and dependents.

It's up to you, the employer as to how you want to adjust the above variables.

These are all options, you, the employer can adjust or change... to help you with cost containment or financial/budgeting issues.

The only and obvious...

...Drawback With Direct-Reimburesment-Plans

You, as the employer must have deep pockets, to front the cost of dental treatment.

And, if you have hundreds or thousands of employees. I don't have to tell you how deep your pockets need to be to offer a DDRP

On the other hand... I recommend a dental plan and structure that's a lot less costlier than any Direct Reimbursement Dental Plan?

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Just like with DDRPs...

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