5 Things That Make Their Coverage Better Than
Indemnity Or Managed Care Dental Plans

First and foremost... most discount-dental-plans coverage is much more comprehensive (broader) than indemnity and managed care dental-insurance-plans.

Discount-dental-plans... as a whole... out perform ALL other types of dental-insurance plans in several other areas as well.

Before we look at those other areas where discount plans out perform...

... the other 4 major types of dental-insurance-plans (Dental-Indemnity, Dental-HMO, Dental-PPO and Dental Direct-Reimbursement plans)...

...let me state the following.

All "Discount" Plans Are Not Created Equal...

Just like in most other competitive fields... some companies are better than others at what they do. Likewise, some discount-dental-plans are better than others.

Discount-dental-plans are the same only in terms of their general structure.

Always, look closely at each plans specific coverage policy before enrolling.

With that said...

Are Discount Plans For Individuals Or Employers?

If you're an individual or family... chances are you're considering a discount-dental-plan because ...your job doesn't offer an employer sponsored dental-plan?

Hopefully, you've heard how easily affordable discount plans are for working individuals and families.

And, if you're an employer or business... hopefully, you've heard how much of an administrative cost and time saver discount-dental-plans can be... for your business or corporation?

Why Discount Plans Are Better Dental Plans

  • First off, with a discount-dental-plan... you pay a very small monthly fee or premium... MUCH LESS than what you would pay with a "traditional" or managed care dental plan.

  • Secondly, with a quality discount-plan you receive DEEP DISCOUNTS... on more dental procedures. Many procedures "traditional" and managed care plans don't and won't cover... such as cosmetic dental procedures.

  • Thirdly, MOST "traditional and managed care dental insurance plans make you wait 6 mos and sometimes more... before they let you use there coverage. The notorious waiting period. Discount plans DON'T HAVE waiting periods.

  • Fourthly, since discount plans don't have waiting periods... they're great for dental emergencies... such as an abscessed or cracked tooth. Most discount plans will provide you immediate online dental coverage within 24 hours. And, they'll stay with you during follow up treatment, too.

  • Fifthly, one discount plan offers you HOUSEHOLD COVERAGE. Meaning... "one family plan" for every member living in your household. Whether member is married to you, related to you, dependent on you... or Not. Household coverage is something unheard of with indemnity and managed care dental plans.

    *Household coverage at No additional cost or fees, for families or employers.

There's something else unique about the discount-dental-plan offering you household coverage. They also offer you...

Full Access To ALL Specialists

While most employer sponsored dental plans are...

...cutting back on their already skimpy specialists coverage.

And believe me... do your homework and you'll see... indemnity and managed care dental coverage for specialists has been, and is... skimpy to non-existent.

The discount-dental-plan I recommend offers you... the most full and complete or comprehensive dental coverage in the USA. They offer...

"Coverage On ALL 353 Dental Procedures"

Take this challenge!

Compare that 353 total number of dental procedures to any other specific dental plan. And you won't come close to finding another dental plan... of any type... covering even 200 dental procedures.

Now I'll admit, dental insurance coverage is a serious matter, and yet...

I doubt if your situation has become serious enough... or to the point... where you and your family together, even over a lifetime... will need to have all "353 dental procedures" performed.

But just imagine what a great feeling of relief and security it is to know you're fully covered in the event of any type of dental emergency... rare or exceptional dental procedure.

"The Recommended Discount-Dental-Plan"

Ok, here it is...

"Visit Here For Comprehensive Dental Coverage

This is the discount-dental-plan that covers every SINGLE dental procedure... all 353, including ALL cosmetic dental procedures.

This particular dental plan really is "something special". Deal with them and I promise... you'll get more than a good deal - you'll get a great bargain!

Don't take my word for it... visit them and find out for yourself.

There... there you have it.

"Your Behind The Scenes Look At Discount-Dental-Plans"

Just remember, if you want a comprehensive... low cost... money saving... budget cutting... get the job done... dental plan?

"Visit Here For Comprehensive Dental Coverage"

Then you want this... an award winning... easy to use... the deep cost cutting leader of discount-dental-plans - you can visit them here and see for yourself.

Finally, If You Want...

More behind the scene info about any of the other 4 major types of dental insurance plans... simply click on link of interest below:

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