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Discount-vision-plans really can save you lots of money.

You'll find these type vision plans to be very generous when it comes to saving you money on all types of eye-wear...

...everything from designer eye-wear... to contact lenses... to tinted lenses... to prescription sun-glasses.

"Personally Speaking..."

"I've use a discount-vision plan for years, even at times when I had an employer-sponsored vision plan... and right to this very day I wouldn't dream of using any other type of vision plan."

And if you're anything like me, once you use a discount-vision-plan...

You'll Never Look At Another Type Of Vision Plan Again

Exactly what makes discount-vision-plans so attractive?

  • First off... just like with discount DENTAL plans... discount-vision-plans have no limits on the number of visits you can make to your optician. You receive the same deep discounts on all vision services... each and every visit.

  • Secondly... like discount dental plans you never pay a deductible. There simply is no such thing as a deductible with discount-vision-plans

  • Thirdly... there's no waiting period with most discount plans. You can begin using your vision care services within 24 hours after online enrollment.

  • Fourthly... discount plans are simple and hassle free to use. You never ever have to file a nagging claim form before or after using discount vision services.

    In other words, you receive your upfront savings on eye exams and eye-wear on the very same day of your first visit to the optician.

If You Feel You're Not Getting A Good Deal...

...from your optical shop, you can simply walk away and visit another provider optician... you're never held to any type of service contract.

And of course with most discount-vision-plans there's a handy online or toll-free directory of thousands of provider opticians... coast to coast in America.

So as you can see... not only do discount-vision-plans have the absolutely most generous eye care packages... in the way of tremendous savings and flexibility of use.

Discount-vision-plans are... quick and simple to use.

The only thing better...

The Immediate Savings You Recieve

"If you enroll today in most discount plans... you can see an optician today."

At least that's the case with the discount-vision-plan I use and recommend. With the discount vision care plan I recommend...

...Participating Opticians Reduce Their Rates Up To 60%

And there's more... lot's more.

In summary... here's what your benefits include:

  • More than 12,700 optical providers nationwide... including most national chains, such as... Lenscrafters... Pearle Vision... JC Penny... and more.
  • Save from 20%-60% on all frames... lenses... tints... scratch resistant coatings... and UV protection.
  • Save up to 60% on contact lenses... including daily wear... extended wear... disposables... tints... bifocals... and gas permeable.
  • Save from 5%-30% on ophthalmology exams and surgery (including RK & ALK), with certain providers in selected markets.

As you can "see" (no pun intended)...

If That's Not Generous And Flexible Vision Plan Coverage...

...than I don't know what is.


We're talking about a huge network of providers... providing eye examinations including eye surgery (if necessary)... designer eye-wear including contacts... and eye-wear extras like tinted lenses.

There's more...

If all that is not generous enough... get this... and this is especially big for you, if...

You Have Children Who Wear Glasses?

The discount-vision-care plan I recommend... guarantees you a limitless number of discounts on eye-wear... or pairs of glasses.

In other words, there are...

No Limits On The Number Of Eye-Glasses You Can Get...

If you, or your children loose their eye glasses... 3 weeks... 3 months... or 23 months after you get them.

You'll get the same discount on each and every additional pair of glasses you need.

Simply return to your optical store were you bought your original eye-glasses... and oftentimes you get your prescription eye-wear replacements for free.

To put it plainly, you'll receive the...

Same Discount On Each And Every Pair Of Replacement Glasses

I can't say all discount-vision-plans will replace all eye-wear free of charge... but I know the recommended discount vision plan... the one I use often replaces your eye-wear for FREE.

There you have it...

An insider's look at discount-vision-plans... and the discount program offering you all the above and more.

One more thing I think will interest you...

The Opticians Association Of America Thinks Highly Of...

...the recommended vision plan, too.

As a matter of fact... the recommended plan is the only national discount eye-wear plan endorsed by the Opticians Association of America (OAS).

I believe an endorsement from a highly respected association like the (OAS), speaks volumes.

That endorsement tells you a great deal about the service... quality... and professionalism of the recommended discount-vision-plan provider - check them out here... you'll be glad you did!

Once again...

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