"Gets Rid Of Those Little Ugly Things About Your Teeth You Don't Like"

Enamel-shaping or "shaping" is a process of re-shaping your natural teeth to improve their appearance... for a more attractive and sexy smile.

In other words, if crowded... uneven... or oddly shaped teeth... are standing in between you and an attractive smile, then...

"Shaping" May Be The Procedure For You

"Shaping" is really a rather simple... painless... quick procedure... with noticeable and immediate improvements.

"Enamel-Shaping" is one of many terms used to describe a process of contouring your natural teeth.

Also known as "shaping"... or "reshaping"... "re-contouring"... or "stripping".

Dentist will refer to "shaping" as odontoplasty or enameloplasty (Hey, I'm only the messenger).

In a nutshell... "shaping" or "reshaping" is a process of contouring your teeth by filing or removing some enamel.

Are You A Candidate For "Shaping"?

First off, as I just mentioned... if your teeth are crowded... uneven... or oddly shaped... then you're a candidate.

"Shaping" can and is also done to correct more than just the minor flaws I just mentioned.

Let me ask you a few questions?

  • Do your teeth have rough edges?

  • Do your teeth have small chips?

  • Are your teeth slightly out of line?

  • Do your teeth have minor overlaps?

  • Are your canine teeth or incisor teeth overly long?

  • Or maybe... you would like to do some decorative or creative expressions with your teeth?

If any or some of the above cases are true for you... then "shaping" can definitely benefit you.

"Shaping" Creates Harmony and Balance"

As Dr. Waldrop puts it...

"The dentist modifies the teeth by removing enamel to create harmony and balance in the mouth".

Dr. Waldrop goes on to say...

"When "shaping" is combined with bonding, it is usually a quick and comfortable way to improve appearance that can be seen immediately." - H.L. Waldrop, D.D.S. at HappyGrins

"Shaping" or...

"Reshaping" Is Often Done With Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures

As a matter of fact... "shaping" has become more and more popular every year, as part of our modern American culture.

"Shaping" has become an important part of what is now known as a "Smile Make-Over" - "shaping" has become the cornerstone in this new and exciting dental process.

How Much Does "Shaping" Cost?

Cost of "shaping" varies greatly.

I almost hate to quote you any actual figures on the cost of "shaping"... because cost of a "shaping" procedure can vary considerable from dentist to dentist.

I will say this though... roughly speaking... the cost for enamel-shaping can range anywhere from $75.00 to 250.00 (more or less) per tooth.

And, of course most "traditional" dental insurance plans won't cover, pay for any of the cost of "shaping"

Yet, there's a way for you to slash the cost of "shaping"

How You Can Save On "Shaping" Work

Use the dental-plan I use! With the "discount" dental plan I use, you're guaranteed to save handsomely on "shaping".

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With that said...

I hope this article helped you to determine if "shaping" the "icing on the cake" for your "smile-makeover"?

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