Old-School FAMILY-DENTAL-INSURANCE Plans... "They're Real Dinosaurs... They're Not Designed To Meet Today's Families Dental Needs"

Family-dental-insurance plans...

...seems like everywhere you turn these days... people are complaining about their dental plan's failure to help them pay for their dental treatment.

It seems like overnight... people like you have awaken and suddenly realized, "old-school" or "traditional"...

Family-Dental-Coverage Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore

"Old-school"... loophole filled... dental insurance plans just don't work in our modern... expensive... hi-tech... society. Dental treatment has advanced... but not family-dental-coverage.

If you're like most Americans you're probably not very happy with being forced to pay today's high dental treatment cost.

Which means, you're probably...

"Very Angry With High Cost Dental Visits... "

...and the poor coverage you get with your dental insurance policy. If you're lucky enough to even have an employer sponsored dental policy.

Listen to what other people are saying... Amy O. had this to say on her blog recently... 2011.

"My family was not blessed with good teeth. I had braces twice, and own more crowns that the House of Windsor...

My husband Bryan is so self-conscious about his stained, ground-down teeth, that he has pretty much given up smiling in public...

Even our cat has a broken canine and halitosis that could burn a hole through elephant hide...

We have dental insurance, but I'm amazed by what it DOESN'T COVER. Like the $2,500 implant that my husband needs in the back of his jaw...

It (family-dental-insurance), partially covered my multiple crowns and Bryan's recent root canal, but the OUT-OF-POCKET cost was still well into the four figures, last year". - Posted by Amy O.

Can you identify with Amy?

Can You Afford Dental Insurance Coverage?

Let's see what another person posted... in this same blog... about NOT being able to afford dental coverage or treatment.

"My son just had to have 3 teeth pulled, it cost $987.00 for this. He wasn't in the chair 15 minutes and he was done. We don't have any insurance either.

It seems like you can't even afford to go to the dentist because it is so expensive, no matter what you need done. Someone needs to do something about this situation.

Can't afford to go and can't afford NOT TO GO, either. Where is the justice here?" - Posted by Carol A.

You're right Carol, you "can't afford to go and you can't afford NOT to go", to the dentist.

How To Afford Dental Coverage

I'm going to tell you how you can afford family-dental coverage.

Before I tell you... let's check out one more post from Amy C's blog.

"I hear ya! My husband just got a price for some crowns and bonding work on his teeth, and it is going to cost more than the new roof we are currently having put on our house.

And of course, insurance will only pay $1,000 of it... I don't know WHY WE PAY for the insurance, truthfully. It is ridiculous"! - Posted by Jodi B.

My point exactly Jodi... why do we keep paying for...

Outdated "Traditional" Family-Dental-Insurance

When it's obvious... "traditional", employer sponsored dental insurance isn't working for us anymore?

Thank God... there's an alternative to "traditional or old-school" family-dental-insurance coverage.

It's Called A "Discount" Family Dental Plan

Now I know there's a lot chatter and noise on the internet these days about dental discount plans.

But let me assure you.

A quality dental discount plan is better able to serve your modern day dental-care needs... than an old fashion, traditional, employer sponsored, dental insurance plan.

Why Do You Think They Started "Discount" Dental Plans?

For starters... "discount" dental plans monthly fees or premiums (about $24.), almost less than a third of "old-school" family-dental-insurance monthly premiums (about $67.), on average.

The "discount" dental plan I recommend covers ALL 353 officially listed dental procedures (somewhat important for large families).

Whereas... the most so-called "comprehensive" family-dental-insurance plan I could come across...

...covers only about 147 official procedures, (procedures listed by American Dental Association).

"Visit Here For Deep Discounts On Family Dental"

This is the "discount" family-dental-plan that covers everything you could want, including... orthodontics or braces - it's the most comprehensive dental plan in America!

Dental Braces... Retainers... Implants... And Everything Else

Including ALL cosmetic procedures, such as teeth-whitening... enamel-shaping... dental veneers and more.

This plan beats "old-school" family-dental-insurance coverage hands down!

"Visit Here For Deep Discounts On Family Dental"

This "discount" plan is the modern day version of comprehensive, low-cost family-dental-insurance coverage. Designed to save you big time... in these modern times.

I hope this helps.

Also, just in case your interested.

The recommended family dental plan is also a... Household Dental Plan - you can find out more here .

Take care, and...

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