Who Else Wants A Comprehensive Yet Simple Plan For Parents And Children Alike?

First off, you probably want to know how are "discount" family-dental-plans different from... employer sponsored or "traditional" family-dental-INSURANCE plans?

For starters...

With employer sponsored and/or "traditional" dental insurance plans... you have to sit and STUDY for hours just to make sense of their COMPLICATED, loophole filled policies. Especially, the DREADED BIG 3 of dental and health insurance policies... exclusions... limitations... and deductibles!.

Then, after you studied the policy for hours... hope you don't have to pick-up the phone and call customer service... and ask them even more questions.

Question about...

A Dental Policy Customer Service Doesn't Understand

And it gets worst... when later you have to file a LONG and COMPLICATED dental insurance claim form!

Well cheer-up... because there's good news. A select few "discount" family-dental-plans are so simple... so easy to understand and work with... you'll wonder where have "discount" family-dental-plans been all your life.

One thing is for certain... with "discount" family-dental-plan coverage...

You'll Know Exactly Where You Stand

You'll know what to expect and what not to expect with a "discount" dental plan... make no doubt about that.

For starters... know you'll never ever have to file a long complicated claim form.

More importantly...

Un-like "traditional" employer sponsored dental insurance plans. Discount plans don't have any of the Razzle-Dazzle... Hokus-Pokus... with exclusions, deductibles and limitations.

For example...

Let's take a close-up look at one of those things dental insurance plans are notorious for...

Namely, the DREADED Limitations!

Maximum Limitations: Annual And Lifetime

A typical dental insurance policy has 2 types of limitations... annual and life-time.

Although the words annual and life-time limitations are somewhat self defining... let's break these definitions down a little further.

Both annual and life-time limitations fall under the dental insurance category of maximum limitations.

Meaning... most INSURANCE plans have maximum payments, or payout limitations on expensive or major dental procedures and related services. On such things as dental-braces... implants... bridges... etc.

For Example, Let's Say Your Child Needs Dental-Braces...

The family coverage offered by your typical dental "insurance" company will only cover $1,000 of the total cost of braces for your child... braces can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $5,500!

Your typical insurance company will only pay the $1,000... after you met your $200 deductible, first.

The $1,000 is your child's annual maximum... and most likely your child's life-time maximum with that particular dental insurance company.

This $1,000 payment by insurance company would not necessarily be your family's annual or life-time maximum. But, it could be.

By the way, if my math serves me correctly...

...a $200 deductible less a $1,000 payment means you're really only getting a $800 benefit... not a $1,000 benefit.

But that's a discussion for another day.

Life-Time Limitation...

A life-time limitation can vary greatly from one dental insurance company to another.

Most often life-time limitations are based on limits towards a particular major dental procedure, for one or more family members.

To better clarify....

Let's build upon our annual limitation example.

Let's say...

You Have 2 Children Who Needs Dental Braces

The family dental insurance company will more than likely approved a $1,000 annual benefit for each child (in different years)... for a total of 2,000 lifetime benefit.

If one of your children needed to get more orthodontic dental work done, let's say 3 years later.

Guess what, the...

Family Dental Insurance Company Would Say NO

Why, because they have set a lifetime limitation for orthodontic dental work for your 2 children $2,000.

This would mean you and any other children or family members would not be eligible for any more orthodontic payments.

Unfortunately, that's how dental insurance policies are developed and written.

Keep in mind, limitations... both annual and lifetime vary from dental insurance policy to policy.... nevertheless, they all have limitations.

On the other hand... most

"DISCOUNT" Family-Dental-Plans Have...

...NO LIMITATIONS whatsoever.

You can go see a dentist or specialist as often as you like, whenever you like. And no matter how much visits, or procedures cost... you'll get a deep discount every time - guaranteed.

Plus you can...

Save Roughly $2,500 On Dental-Braces...

...with the recommended discount dental plan.

That's right you can get roughly 50% off... or a $2,500 discount and sometimes more... on $5,000 dental-braces for your child with one unique discount plan.

"DISCOUNT" Family-Dental-Plans...

Remember, discount dental plans Do NOT have limitations... deductibles... and/or exclusions.

The Recommended Family-Dental-Plan

Okay, enough of the family-dental-plan basics, for now.

I'm assuming... where to get low-cost, comprehensive dental plan coverage... without all the loopholes... is your ultimate goal?

Allow me to recommend to you the industry leader in providing American families "discounted" dental-plan coverage.

This discount dental plan company has been the...

America Leader For Over 21 Years Running

This is the company with the "discount family plan" of family-dental-plans. As a matter of fact... they invented the comprehensive family plan concept.

This company does excellent job of slaying the 3 headed dragon... limitations, exclusions and deductibles. THE DREADED BIG 3 of dental and health insurance plans.

Okay, let's sum it up.

You Now Know Where To Turn For...

...simple, straight, plain talk about discount family-dental-plans.

And you know exactly where to go to get comprehensive dental plan coverage.

You can go here... for comprehensive, deeply discounted, family dental plan coverage. Coverage at low rates you can afford.

"Discount" family-dental-plans are truly a blessing!

With that said...

If you would like more behind the scenes... insider info... visit my family-dental-insurance page.

Where you're sure to get some additional... yet interesting... insights about family dental coverage.

Take care, and...

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