No Job Is Too Large Or Too Small To
Slash Cost With "Discount" Dental Plans

"Discount" group-dental-plans are truly the rave these days... and for good reasons.

I mean... with the high cost of "traditional" employer funded dental and health insurance plans.

Businesses, some like yours...

...large and small... are struggling just to keep up with operating cost. And like you, many businesses are looking for new ways to cut cost.

Whether You Represent A Large Corporation...

...or a owner operated LLC with five employees, including yourself. Or any type of governmental or municipal group.

You'll greatly appreciate what a "discount" group-dental-plan can do... for the morale or your employees... and the growth of your business.

I'm assuming you already know... if you want to get or keep good employees. Then it's important for you to offer dental coverage.

And that's our topic for discussion... "discount" group dental coverage. Or, "discount" dental plans.

The Background Info On "Discount" Dental Plans

Group-dental-plans, written by modern day dental "discount" companies . Beat group coverage, written by "traditional" dental insurance companies, hands down.

"Discount" plans have proven to be... more suitable and cost saving... for businesses large and small.

Minimal Amount Of Paperwork Required

"Discount" group-dental-plans save businesses money with their easy-to-use... "paperwork-less" features.

They require a minimal amount of paperwork to administer and manage.

This Means Less Administrative Hassles

Less time... money... workers... and resources are needed to offer, enroll, and maintain dental coverage for employees.

This is all beyond the fact... "discount dental plans have...

No Long... Fussy... Time Consuming Forms

Here's the clincher... your employees will love "discount" group-dental-plans, because they have...

No complicated claim forms for members to file, EVER!

Employees complete a super simple enrollment form. Neither you, nor employees need to complete any type of on-going member maintenance form.

Below, you'll find more smart reasons why "discount" dental plans make ideal employer sponsored health benefits.

"Discount" Group-Dental-Plans Have...

  • No minimum participation requirements... regardless the size of your business. Group coverage is available to all your staff or employees... including all part-time employees.

  • No pre-existing conditions limitations... no employee or member will be refused coverage because of ANY medical or age limitations.

  • No health restrictions... again, this means no tiresome paperwork hassles for you.

  • No open or closed season enrollments... no dates and/or forms for you to worry about. Employees can enroll or dis-enroll at any time.

"Discount" Group Plans Cost So Little... the way of premiums. Yet "discount" plans (a few anyway) offer more comprehensive coverage than "traditional" employer funded dental insurance plans.

Discount dental plans can cost employers almost nothing... in the way of monthly premiums... if you choose to pass premium cost to employees.

I told you... you're going to love "discount" dental-plans.

But Not Just Any "Discount" Group Plan

This is the plan, and it's the only plan I recommend...

Visit Here For More Info

The largest provider of "discount" group-dental-plans in America. The only plan I know of guaranteeing you comprehensive coverage. Including, coverage on ALL cosmetic dental work.

Email me here, Broker-Moe... for a group proposal.

Again, your employees will love the comprehensive coverage... or the ability to have cosmetic dental work performed.


You'll Absolutely Love The Cost...

...for this comprehensive group coverage.

Along with the clean, simple, easy-to-use format of this the recommended "discount" group-dental-plan.

"Visit Here For More Info

Try us out, then monitor the feedback you get from your employees. I guarantee... you too, will recommend our services to friends and colleagues.

Email me here, Broker-Moe... for a group proposal.

That pretty much wraps it up for "discount" group-dental-plan services.

But, in case you want some...

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You'll be glad you did, and...

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