"For The Way You Live... Survive... And Love...
In These Modern Times"

A "Household-Dental-Plan"...

Finally, somebody has begun to use a little common sense... they've come up with a healthcare ideal that addresses one of our major lifestyles changes.

Namely... who we choose to live with.

The Ideal Of A Household-Plan Is Quite Simple...

It speaks to a fact...

A large portion of the American population doesn't live in a "traditional" family situation anymore.... perhaps this includes you?

Are You One Of Millions Of Americans...

...who don't live in a "traditional" family situation?

Meaning... you DON'T, or you DON'T ONLY live with spouse and dependents?

And whether you do, or don't live in a "non-traditional" family situation... it doesn't stop you and your loved ones from needing reliable and affordable dental and healthcare.

So Isn't It Great News To Know...

Somebody has finally come up with unique dental and healthcare coverage plans... designed to revolve around your lifestyle and living situation.

I mean, in the past... and even today...

99% of health and dental insurers have expected you... the customers to change or modifying your living arrangements, or relationship situation. In order for you... the customers to be granted dental or healthcare coverage. Don't you think it's time for insurers to change... be more sensitive and serving of your lifestyle needs?

"Here's A Story And An Example Of What I Mean..."

It's a short story... highlighting how customers have allowed insurers to disregard their love, concern and support for their (your) "loved ones"!

Listen to this story...

"A small but growing number of couples tie the knot before their wedding ceremony. Reasons vary, chief amongst reasons... insurance benefits... especially health and dental insurance benefits".

"It's pretty common now... to marry days or weeks before the ceremony", said Rebeca D., Executive Editor of a wedding web-site.

An infected tooth led Maria and Mory T. of Camp Hill, Pa., to the altar three months early. Mory, who did not have dental insurance, had an untreated cavity that was causing a fever.

"He was getting sick. It was awful," recalled Maria, 34, who wanted to get him on her insurance plan. "I said , I'm not letting you go through this."

Their minister who performed the wedding ceremony says... "This happens all the time".

My Point With This Brief Story...

A household-dental-plan could of saved this couple the added stress and strain of getting married sooner than they had originally planned or wanted.

With a household dental-insurance-plan this loving couple could of taken their time... been more relaxed and comfortable... gotten married on their own time table.

No so anymore... somebody has finally put an end to dental and health insurers tight hold on our personal lives!

We Share Apartments With... Friends... And Lovers...

...to save money and cut down on living expenses.

Maybe you share a house or an apartment with a brother... a sister... a cousin... a good friend... a lover. With a household-dental-plan... all save money, because all are covered under one low-cost, comprehensive plan.

To say it another way... it's a dental plan that'll cover you, and all those in your household... whether they're your spouse, dependent, or Not... for one low monthly cost!

Why Won't A Household Dental Plan Work For You?

This is the household-dental-plan offering you, and each and every member of your household dental coverage. All for one low monthly premium... just like a family dental plan.

I only know of ONE dental-plan of any sort offering household-dental-plan coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage For Every Single Household Member

Visit Here For More Info

Here you'll find a dental plan (unlike any other), guaranteeing you blanket coverage... household-dental-plan coverage for every member of your household... including coverage for ALL dental procedures.

Yes, somebody finally decided to deliver dental care coverage suitable to your lifestyle and living situation.

Household Dental Coverage Is Truly Remarkable

Visit Here For More Info

Take a look for yourself... at this "HOUSEHOLD-DENTAL-PLAN"... made available by an awesome healthcare organization. You won't find this type coverage any where else... and at such "an unbelievably affordable rate".

So there you go...

A "non-traditional dental-plan"... for your "non-traditional family" living situation.

Take care and...

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