Allow A Single Person To Make Out Like A Bandit... Gold-Tooth And All

"Discount" individual-dental-plans make you... the single person...
...an offer you can't refuse!

How's that?

Because after you take a up-close look at what all "discount" dental-plans have to offer you. And believe me... they offer you... a single person a lot. Primarily, in the way of endless, comprehensive dental benefits.

And, in the way of savings... low-cost dental premiums.

Upon careful and close inspection, you too will say...

"Discount" Individual-Dental-Plans OVER-DELIVER

You'll be surprised and find it hard to believe... you can get so much... in the way of comprehensive dental-care... at such a small price!

Compare "discount" individual-dental-plans to... all other types of individual-plans. Such as... "traditional" or "old school" dental insurance plans.

And you too will agree... discount dental plans surpass "old school" plans... in what's covered (more comprehensive)... and lower-cost premiums.

Here's something else that's BIG!

"Discount" Dental-Plans Cover Cosmetic Work

Rather, I should say... one "discount" dental plan covers cosmetic dental work or cosmetic dental procedures.

Things like... professional teeth-whitening or bleaching... enamel shaping... dental bonding... veneers... dental crowns... and much, much, more.

That Should Be Extremely Good News To You

Especially, if you've ever entertained the ideal of getting expensive cosmetic dental work... for that sexy smile!

So now, if you didn't know before... now you know... coverage is FINALLY available for those so-often, longed for... cosmetic dental procedures. Thanks to one special "discount" dental plan.

98% of "traditional" dental insurance plans... or "old school" dental plans don't cover any cosmetic dental work.


In essence, with one "discount" dental plan offering you comprehensive coverage at ridiculously low premium rates...

...they make you, the single person... "an offer you can't refuse"!

Don't believe me?

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Then check it all out for yourself... right here. This "discount" dental-plan company offers you comprehensive... discounted individual dental coverage. At an incredibly low monthly rate.

Take a look at the above discount plan and you'll agree... their low-cost... comprehensive individual dental and health-care programs are extremely attractive!

"The Only Way You'll Know For Sure...

...if this "discount" individual-dental-plan is suitable for you.

Is if you hop on over there now... to this most comprehensive "discount" individual-dental-plan's website.

And see for yourself what they have to offer you.

Again, you can...

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Visit the leader in low-cost... comprehensive dental coverage. Offering individuals complete coverage... above and beyond all other "discount" individual-dental-plans.

There you have it, except...

One More Thing...

Just in case your interested?

Visit our cosmetic-dentistry page to get the latest... behind the scenes info on... coverage you can expect for most popular cosmetic procedures.

In other words, the cost and coverage you can expect for any specific cosmetic dental work.

Take care, and...

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