INFANT-DENTAL-PLANS... "Here's Info To Help You Ensure Proper Development Of Facial Features And Speech Clarity For Your PRINCESS... (or Prince)"

"Infant-Dental-Plans"... aren't we stretching it a bit, you ask... shouldn't I at least wait until my child has teeth?

NO... did you know proper development of FACIAL FEATURES and SPEECH CLARITY begin before your child first tooth appears?

Dentist, Dr. Bryan Burke Says...

"Concern for your child's dental health needs to begin even before your child has teeth."

He adds...

"We like to have infants have their gum's brushed even before any teeth come in to their mouth. And we like to have the parents use a clean damp washcloth to brush gums... initially, before the teeth come in".

Once the child has teeth... we like to have the child brush at least one time a day and preferably just before bedtime".

Most Dentists Agree...

...and recommend a trip to the dentist BEFORE the child's first birthday.

Wayzata Dental Staff recommends... "You take your child to the dentist when her first tooth appears. After that, under your dentist guidance, you may take your child in for check-ups every six months".

"Early Dental Exams Should Center Around..."

"...the health of your child... the growth and development of his of her teeth and mouth.

Including problems your child may or may not have... as in finger sucking... prolonged bottle sucking at night... and feeding habits as well.

Habits That Give Rise To Dental Problems"

"Parents don't mean any harm, but putting a child to bed with a bottle in their mouth can cause SERIOUS dental problems, in the near future, it's called BABY BOTTLE TOOTH DECAY" - Dr Koonce, noted Dentist.

Dr. Koonce goes on to say...

"Tooth decay can begin from as early as the appearance of the first tooth. In fact, the stage for tooth decay can be set even before the first tooth becomes visible."

One thing for certain, you must...

Take Good Care Of Your Baby's Dental Health NOW ensure proper oral and facial development later.

Below you'll find a highly recommended dental-plan. A plan most suitable for professional infant oral care.

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