PPO-DENTAL-INSURANCE... If You Don't Mind Paying Twice For "Freedom To Choose" Your Dentist

PPO-Dental-Insurance plans or PPOs (preferred provider organizations)... compared to hmo-dental-insurance plans or DHMO's (dental health maintenance organizations)...

PPOs offer you more flexibility than DHMOs when it comes to choosing an out of network primary dentist and/or specialist.

The down-side or trade off... you pay heavily for this flexibility or "freedom to choose" an out of network dentist... offered by PPOs... in other ways.

PPOs Premiums Are Much Higher Than DHMO's

PPO-Dental-Insurance plans although more expensive than their DHMO sister... have become more popular (with employees)than DHMOs

PPOs have become more popular, primarily because of their flexibility or "freedom to choose" option. The option to choose a dentist outside of network.

PPOs And DHMOs Are Both Managed Care Plans

Both have a network of pre-approved dentists under contract to them... the dental insurance carrier, which is the PPO or DHMO.

Although PPOs allow you to choose a dentist out of network... both PPO and DHMO insurance carriers expect and hope, you choose a dentist within their network of dentists and specialists.

If you don't stay within their pre-approved network of dentists... both penalize you.

Where PPOs And DHMOs Differ

DHMOs will outright refuse to pay or reimburse you for treatment, when you see a dentist outside of network.

PPOs on the other hand... will pay or reimburse you for treatment when you see a dentist out of network, but...

Although PPOs will reimburse you... they'll also penalize you in the form of higher deductibles and co-payments, when you see a dentist out of network.

Here's where it get's really interesting with PPOs...

PPO-Dental-Insurance Members Are Charged Twice

Members are charge twice... for the "freedom to choose"... or the flexibility option to choose a dentist out of network.

To be more specific...

PPO members pay a higher premium for the option to choose a dentist out of network. But, when they exercise that option... they're penalized with additional fees for exercising option.

Members of PPO are penalized... or charged an additional fee for exercising an option they've already paid for!

"It All Sounds Contradictory To Me..."

Members being penalized or paying twice for the same option... the "freedom to choose" option.

This PPO practice of penalizing members for exercising an option they've already paid for... has a "fleecing" of members element..

What do you call it?

Anyway, besides PPOs higher premiums, and their flexibility option... PPOs and DHMOs are pretty much the same in every other major aspect.

PPOs Have Co-Payments

Co-pays are due at time of service. Co-pays vary according to cost of procedure.

Unlike DHMOs...

PPO-Dental-Insurance plans have deductibles. Deductibles, of course, vary from PPO plan to PPO plan... anywhere from $100. to $250. annually... or more when you go out of network.

In other words... higher deductible and co-pays when you go out of network.

PPO-Dental-Insurance Plans Have Annual Dollar Maximums

The maximum annual or yearly dollar amount they'll pay towards dental treatment, for you or your family.

Annual dollar maximums for PPOs are around $1,500.

PPO Plans Have Visitation Maximums, Too

PPO-dental-insurance plans place annual limits on the number of visits members can make to their dentists.

The actual number of visits PPO members are limited to annually or yearly, varies widely... depending on specific plan. Limits are anywhere from 5 to 12 for an individual.

**Note; we don't have time to go into it now, but I thought I mention... PPOs are notorious for their tedious claim forms.

That pretty much wraps it up for PPO-Dental-Insurance plans.

In Summary, PPO-Dental-Insurance Plans...

PPOs charge you... in the form of higher premiums (more than what DHMO manage care plans charge you)... for the "freedom to choose" an out of network dentist.

But, when you actually choose a dentist outside of a PPO's network. You're charge again for exercising your "freedom to choose" option. Sounds like double dipping to me!

That's why I prefer Discount Dental Plans...

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Savings Or Coverage On Any And All Dental Work

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**Note; discount plans don't require time consuming claim forms.

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