Do You Take Medications On A Regularly Basis? Here's A Prescription Plan That Can Save You Tons Of Money

"Discount" prescription-drug-plans are a great way to save money on medications.

Especially... when you take medication on a regular monthly basis.

If You Take Medications On A Regular Monthly Basis?

Then I don't have to tell you... not only is your medication a "must have" Your medication has also become an expensive "must have"!

"Discount" Prescription-Drug-Plans Can Slash Costs Of Medications ...

...when you take medication... not covered by your health insurer... on a regular monthly basis.

To put it plainly and simply... there's one quality "discount" membership prescription-drug-plan that'll cover ALL your monthly prescription medications... prescribed by your doctor or health care provider.

A Quality "Discount" Prescription-Drug-Plan...

... can be a very sound and smart choice for you. For example...

Our "quality" discount prescription-drug-plan offers you savings as high as 50% on your individual or regular medications.

Plus, with this one "discount" prescription drug plan not only do you get huge savings... you get real convenience too!

Here's what I mean...

You Get Discounts At National Chain Pharmacies

Yes, with this one quality prescription-drug-plan you can get deep discounts and noticeable savings at over 50,000 pharmacies across America.

Such as...

Eckerd... Walgreens... K-Mart... Walmart...

...plus, many regional and independent pharmacies. Pharmacies that accept our one quality "discount" prescription card.

Our Quality Prescription Drug Plan...

...offers you savings up to 50% on your prescription medications.

Here's how they do it:

  • Savings up to 50% on most generic prescription drugs.
  • Savings up to 25% on most brand-name prescription drugs.
  • Prescription drugs are covered both at the retail pharmacy and by mail order.
  • Special Savings on most high-volume maintenance type drugs.
  • Toll-free-number to locate independent and participating chain-pharmacies.

Now That's Real Savings!

I know of no other companies or prescription-drug-plans, offering you deep savings like the above prescription plan.

You should also know...

Membership With Our One Quality Prescription-Drug-Plan...

...includes... Dental... Vision.... and Chiropractic health benefits at one low monthly cost.

But don't take my word for it...

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See for yourself the many benefits awaiting you with this plan. It's by far the most comprehensive of "discount" prescription-drug-plans. Covering more generic and brand name drugs than any other plan.

Want To Know Even More...?

...about the one "discount" prescription-drug-plan I recommend. And get info about the other 3 "discount" health benefit plans we offer?

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Actually... you can get the other 3 health benefit plans FREE... when you get their "Dental-Plan-Plus" coverage - visit here for more info about all these health benefit plans.

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