SENIOR-DENTAL-PLANS... Need To Be Different From Family Or Individual Plans... "Most Importantly They Should Be Low-Cost And Comprehensive"


Number 1... need to provide low-cost premiums
Number 2... need to make treatment inexpensive
Number 3... must provide comprehensive coverage!

Listen to the following...

What Seniors Had To Say On A Recent Blog...

...about getting the coverage and dental work they need and want:

A 71 yrs young senior man had this to say...

"My favorite day is Mother's Day because my mother is the reason I'm here. My income is not enough to cover the DENTAL WORK I need."

A 65 yrs young senior woman said this...

"My greatest wish is to learn English." And though late in life, she says... "I've been taking classes for 3 semesters. But, I have difficulty eating because I need DENTAL WORK... which I CANNOT AFFORD!"

And, a 61 yrs young senior man says...

"My happiest day will be when I can flash a pearly-white smile. I NEED DENTURES and I'm unable to eat properly."

Again, do you see a pattern here?

What's The Number 1, 2, And 3 Concern With These Seniors?

Again, it's about cost... cost... and comprehensive coverage!

Cost of senior-dental-plans and related services are the number one obstacle preventing seniors from getting the dental work they need and want.

Beyond a doubt... you want and need LOW-COST senior-dental-plans first and foremost!

The next most important thing for seniors... you need comprehensive coverage, or...

Coverage For Specific Procedures Seniors Need

Along with getting a low-cost senior-dental-plan... you want to make sure the dental plan you select has coverage for the procedures you need and want.

Procedures such as... dentures... partials... mini dental implants... bridges... gum disease treatment... and related services.

Aren't these the procedures important to you?

All Too Often Seniors Are Forced To Accept...

..."any ole routine... run-of-the-mill..." individual or family dental-insurance-plan.

Often, the only real senior benefit you receive with these run-of-the-mill dental-plans is... a Cut and Dry, Measly, 5 To 10% SENIOR CITIZEN Discount... on monthly premiums.

Dental plans that don't cover the specific procedures and exams you need, most often.

Unfortunately, finding suitable dental coverage for seniors has been a major stumbling block.

You've Heard Of AARP Senior Dental-Insurance-Plan?

AARP does offer one exciting and worthwhile feature in their seniors' dental coverage plan. They allows you to keep your current or regular dentist.

AARP go on to say... "we provide the utmost emergency care". They also give you a premium guarantee... their rates will not increase for 2 yrs.

Their offer is good... except!

There's One "DISCOUNT" Dental Plan That...

...offers seniors all that AARP offers and more.

It's a top-rated "discount" dental plan offering the same benefits as AARP and more... at a lower monthly premium than AARP And, our top-rated "discount" senior-dental-plan also offers you emergency dental care.


This Unique "Discount" (Senior) Dental-Plan

An awarding winning "discount" dental-plan, offers seniors and families many more benefits (see below). You must check out our plan for yourself.

Visit Here For More Info

This is the top-rated "discount" dental plan that works well for seniors. It DOESN'T HAVE a "waiting period"... emergency dental care coverage kicks in from day one. We also guarantee rates WILL NOT increase for 2yrs.

Chances Are High You Can Keep Your Same Dentist

Because we have a large nationwide... coast to coast... network of dentist... in practically every neighborhood in America.

Chances are your dentist is already a member of our quality dental plan's network.

Also, our quality "discount" senior-dental-plan offers seniors...


Visit Here For More Info

This senior oriented "discount" dental plan... unlike other "discount" senior-dental-plans. This quality "discount" plan is also a "HOUSEHOLD-dental-plan".

Meaning, all members living in HOUSEHOLD... whether related, dependent, or Not... can be covered under one dental plan policy.

Grandparents... parents... grandchildren and all - coverage under ONE DENTAL PLAN.

With that said...

I hope this webpage about senior-dental-plans helps.

Take care and...

*Thanks for Visiting*

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