Top-Rated "Discount" Dental Plan Can Save Your Business Thousands Of Dollars, Yearly... While Helping You Keep Good Workers

A "discount" dental plan works great as a small-business-dental benefit.

They're legitimate dental plans... used by all types of businesses and government agencies... All over America. "Discount" dental plans save small business owners thousands of dollars... each and every year.

It's been stated, again and again... "discount" small-business-dental plans are...

"A Small Business Owner Best Friend"

As a small business owner... if you don't already know or haven't heard.... research... surveys.... and polls... show over and over again.

"When a small or large business offers dental coverage to their employees... dental coverage helps to attract and keep good employees".

The Importance Of Dental Coverage

Dental Insurance, or dental care coverage for employees and small business owners, has all been basically ignored... in our efforts to overhaul our healthcare system.

Problem is... employees have not ignored the importance of dental care!

One Thing Is For Sure... Dental Care...

...or the lack of dental care coverage at your employment site will contribute to employees' discomfort and discontent. Dissatisfied employeesultimately lead to quick employee turnover.

Whether you're a large or small employer... do you want your staff emotionally handicapped and distracted over the lack of dental care coverage?

Dental coverage deserves your attention too, almost as much as medical or healthcare coverage.

Employee's Love Having Dental Care Coverage...

Employees love going to the dentist, if for no other reason than to get professional teeth-cleaning... a dental crown... or to fill a painful cavity.

"Discount" dental plans provide coverage for all the above and so much more. Including... coverage for cosmetic dental procedures!

And that's just a part of what makes a "discount plan" so special and fitting...

By the way, did you know?

Discount Dental Plans Or Dental Savings Plans

Are now being offered by well known dental carriers like... Delta Dental... Aetna... Careington... Cigna and many others.

Forbes magazine recently reported...

"Cigna says 82% of dentists in its group dental network also participate in its dental discount plans, and accept the same rate for both. In its Miami plan an exam might be $36 instead of $69; a crown $535 instead of $981."

...As A Small-Business-Dental-Benefit Plan

Our top-rated "discount" dental plan will save your employees over 50% on adult dental-braces or orthodontics.

"Discount" dental plans, as a whole, provide lower monthly premiums... and their coverage is much more comprehensive... than "traditional" or "old-school" dental insurance plans.

And there are...

NO Annual Or Yearly Limitations

...with our top-rated "discount plan". All while costing you much less than most "traditional" dental insurance plans.

What is the cost to you and your employees for this type of comprehensive dental coverage?

Cost For This Exceptional And Comprehensive Dental Coverage

Believe it or not... you can provide coverage for each and every employee and their families for a little less than $20.00 a month!

Yes, $19.95 a month to be exact, (for families, less for individuals).

Our Top-Rated Discount Plan Gives You A Choice

You, the business owner can pay the entire premium for your employees yourself.

Or, you can set it up so your employees pay the $19.95 per. mo. premium cost.

Of course, you can deduct cost for monthly premiums from employees paychecks. Either way, our top-rated "discount" dental plan company will...

...List Bill You Each Month For Each Employee

Yes, you can receive one simple bill for your employees when they enroll in your company's new "discount" small-business-dental plan.

Visit Here For More Info

Here's a link to our top-rated "discount" dental plan corporate website. Where you can get more detailed information for yourself.

Email me here, Broker-Moe... for a group proposal.

There's One More Bit Of Info I Want To Share

Free, value added vision... prescription... and chiropractic health benefit plans come along with your enrollment in our "discount" dental plan.

In other words...

Visit Here For More Info

When you enroll in our "Dental-Plus" plan. Not only do you get a small-business-dental benefit plan. You get valuable... vision... chiropractic... and prescription-drug-care for free!

"Free... Yes, Free Health Plans - At No Extra Charge!"

Email me here, Broker-Moe... for a group proposal.

Don't Take My Word For It...

Visit our corporate website and see it for yourself.

In the meantime...

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