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"Discount" dental plans make excellent student-dental-plans.

How's that?

Because, "discount" student-dental-plans... can't be beat for their quick access to dentists... simple enrollment... comprehensive coverage... and maybe most importantly, their low-cost!

For starters... let's see why "discount" dental plans are noted for their...

Quick Access To Dentists And Specialists

Unlike "traditional" or "old school" indemnity or manage-care dental plans... "discount" dental plans have NO waiting periods.

You can go see a nearby dentist tomorrow with your online confirmation number. "Discount" dental plans won't deny you coverage for any current or past treatment issues. Except, for orthodontic treatment already in progress.

Of course, quick access is especially important during times of a dental emergency... when you're experiencing a toothache... a mouth injury... or any other type of dental pain.

In regards to simplicity... "discount" dental plans have...

Simple Enrollment Or Acceptance Requirements

With most "discount" student-dental-plans. The only requirement for enrollment is name... address... and date of birth (for ID purposes only). No age restrictions, you do need to be 18 yrs of age to enroll in any "discount" dental or health benefit plan, on your own.

And yes...

Foreign Students Are Welcome To Apply

Foreign students can enroll in "discount" dental plan by simply providing the same basic info as American students.

At least, that's the case with the "discount" dental plan company I'm affiliated with.

And yes again...

Grad And Undergrad Students Are Welcome To Apply

Whether you're beginning a full-time fellowship that doesn't offer dental coverage.

Or you're simply... a grad student without any dental coverage.

Both graduate and undergraduate student.... our "discount" dental plan welcomes you with friendly... professional... courteous service.

And when it comes to comprehensive coverage...

Our "Discount" Dental Plan Is Rated Tops!

Our top-rated "discount" dental plan offers you... as I mentioned... immediate, same day emergency treatment.

Along with providing coverage for... ANY and ALL long standing and major dental problems.

Know this too... our comprehensive coverage includes coverage for Any and ALL cosmetic dental procedures... veneers... teeth-whitening... enamel shaping and more.

"Student Perfect"... Because We Save You More And Cover More

Below is a link that will lead you to our corporate site where you can find out more.

Find out why our top-rated "discount" dental plan really is... a great fit for All College and university students.

Visit Here For More Info

This is the "discount" student-dental-plan of student-dental-plans. Where students can quickly enroll in our "perfect for students"... Dental Plus Plan.

You really should check us out!

There's Something Else You Should Know

Our Dental Plus Plan offers Household Coverage... as well as individual coverage.

With Household Coverage you and your roommate(s) can be covered together.

Visit Here For More Info

Household Coverage means... everyone living with you, whether you're married, their your dependent or NOT... you All can be enrolled in the same dental plan... for one low monthly premium.

You and your roommate(s) or fiance... can enroll together in our "discount", student-dental-plan.

Finally, we're finished. Take care... study hard, and...

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