Dental Discount Plans Make The Absolute Best
They Cover Procedures Insurance Won't

Chances are you're looking at supplemental-dental-plans because... either your job related dental plan... or your medicare dental plan is full of coverage loopholes... doesn't offer dental coverage for the dental work you need?

And, without a doubt...

The Dental Work You Need Is Very Expensive?

Well, I'm here to tell you... discount plans address the problem of coverage loopholes and expensive dental treatment better than any other type of dental insurance plan on the market today. Better than DHMO's... DPPO's and Indemnity plans

Dental Discount Plans Make The Best...

...supplemental-dental-plans for the 2 major reasons just mentioned... they're comprehensive ...and they have inexpensive monthly premiums.

And the 3rd major reason why discount dental plans make the best supplemental-dental-plans... because, they're easy-to-use.

Yes, there are 3 major reasons ... and numerous other reasons why... dental discount plans make ideal supplemental-dental-plans...

Comprehensive... Inexpensive... and Easy-To-Use

Major Reason Number 1... Comprehensive Coverage

Again, dental discount plans are much more comprehensive than any other type of dental insurance plans on the market.

Dental discount plans as a whole... cover more dental procedures than any other type of dental insurance plan... including DPPO's... DHMO's... and Indemnity dental plans.

Do a basic math check.. count the number of procedures covered in any particular dental plan user's guide... or ask customer service.

Major Reason Number 2... They're Inexpensive/Low Monthly Premiums

Yes, dental discount plans also make the best supplemental-dental-plans because they're inexpensive, or cost so little to own...

They're unbelievably easy on a tight budget.

Dental discount plans monthly premium cost... for an individual... between $12. and $19. per month.

With the right dental discount plan as your supplemental-dental-plan you'll be able to...

Drop Your "Cover Nothing" Job Related Dental Plan

This means you can save even more money by not having to contribute towards your poor coverage, job related dental plan.

So when you added it all up.... and count the savings you receive from not having to have 2 dental plans...

You're saving quite a bit over time!

Major Reason Number 3... They're Easy-To-Use

Discount plans are easy to use... you never, ever... have to haggle with with a third party administrator or medicare.

Let me explain... you NEVER have to be pre-approved by a third party (the dental insurance company or medicare), for treatment or any other reason whatsoever.

That's right!

No third party administrator (dental plan insurer) approval is ever needed with discount dental plans.

Benefits Subsidized By Your Employer Or Medicare...

...are in no way affected by "discount" dental-plans at all.

Since "discount" plans are technically NOT insurance plans... No one needs to question you about using one.

It doesn't matter...

Whether or not your employer subsidizes your dental health plan... you can still keep job job related plan... if you so choose to... while you use your "discount" plan to plug up any existing gaps, exclusions or loopholes in your current dental coverage.

If Discount Dental Plans...

...interest you, then you surely want to take a look at the discount plan I use and promote.

The discount dental plan I use and promote...

"Guarantees Coverage On All 353 Dental Procedures"

Coverage on 353 procedures... let me emphasize this point a little further. I want to make sure you get a clear picture of just how BIG of a fact this is...

....coverage on all 353 dental procedures!

"I've Personally Checked With Dozens And Dozens..."

...of other types of dental plans used as supplemental-dental-plans (DPPO, DHMO, indemnity plans, including other discount plans)... and the next closes dental plan, in terms of number of procedures covered... covers only 147 dental procedures - 147 vs. 353 procedures.

Talk about "doing the math"! And now the...

Recommended Supplemental-Dental-Plan

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Okay, here it is... the "supplemental-dental-plan" of dental plans. The one that covers every SINGLE dental procedure (353), in the American Dental Association (ADA)book.

Do check us out... you don't want to miss out on a GOOD THING. "I personally guarantee... you won't find a BETTER DEAL anywhere".

Don't take my word for it...

Click the link below and visit our corporate site.

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Yes, you can find out here, for yourself... why our discount dental plan makes a great supplemental-dental-plan... even if your primary dental plan is subsidized by your employer.

There you have it!

"Your Behind The Scenes Look..." what you need to know, when it comes to supplemental-dental-plans.

And, how "discount" dental plans, especially, our top-rated "discount" plan... makes great supplemental-dental coverage.

I hope this helps.

Take Care and...

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