Bye Bye "Embarrassing Lower Dentures
That Slide And Float...
Especially At The Dinner Table"

"With mini-dental-implants you can once again smile... eat... and speak with confidence... all the time - even at the dinner table!"

True or false...?

The Main Problem You Face As A Denture Wearer Is...

The instability of your dentures... particularly your lower denture?

Undoubtedly, your lower denture gives you the most problems... especially if you're a first time denture wearer. Word is... the problem doesn't get any better even when you're an experienced denture wearer?

I'm told it's often frustrating for you to eat certain foods... or even to speak with confidence... without fear your lower denture will begin to float around in your mouth.

Well, now you can...

Eliminate These Denture Problems With Mini Implants

The insecurity you face from loose dentures can be eliminated by using implant-supported teeth to "anchor" your dentures.

Perhaps, your insecurity stems from the fact you have missing teeth.

If missing teeth is your situation... then you need to know... missing teeth will cause your surrounding jawbone area to shrink. Shrunken jawbones cause you look older than your age.

Listen To This Real Life Story...

Mini-Implants Rescued Her From Nightmare Of Lower Denture

"Not very long ago an attractive middle-aged woman came to see me. She was very upset as it appeared she was going to lose her few remaining lower teeth and have to wear a lower denture.

She had been told by friends...

"How Difficult It Is To Comfortably Wear A Lower Denture"

"And how embarrassing it was when they had to go to the bathroom in the middle of a meal... to remove a painful seed from under the denture. Or to add adhesive to keep the denture in place.

After some discussion... she broke down in tears and expressed...

"How Distressing It Was For Her To Lose Her Teeth"

She didn't want to be without teeth... but didn't know of any alternative to dentures.

Fortunately, we were able to offer her an excellent alternative to traditional dentures.

We placed firmly anchored implant supported teeth into her missing tooth sockets. With the mini-implants), she was able to chew with more comfort.

"And To Smile With More Confidence..."

...than she had in many years.

This is not an isolated story but an example of what happens again and again". - San Francisco Implant Institute, San Francisco, Ca.

Perhaps this is a story you yourself can personally identify with? Well, now there's a way you too can...

Avoid years of embarrassment and emotional pain... with the help of mini-dental-implants.

The Cost Of Mini-Implants"

Now, for the all important cost of mini-implants... like most cosmetic dental procedures the cost of minis can be enough to bring a frown to your face... instead of a smile.

Cost can vary from dentist to dentist... or from region to region.

"Mini-implants are less costly - typically $500. to $750. per implant, compared to about ($2,000 or more), per implant for larger conventional implants".

So figure your cost... especially if you need to get 4 or 5 mini-implants to hold your lower denture in place.

Couple The Cost Of Mini-Implants With The Fact...

Most dental insurance plans... if you happen to have one... won't cover the cost of any type of dental-implants.

So the question remains...

How Can You Afford Mini-Implants?

Well, on the one hand... you can always pay the full cost of mini-implants... out of pocket... "if you got it like that"!

But, if you don't... "got it like that"!

There's still good news...

There's An Alternative To Skimpy Dental Insurance Coverage

It's called a dental discount plan. And although there's several dental discount plans out there.

There's only one dental discount plan I know of... professionally and personally... guaranteeing you savings of $100's of dollars... maybe even $1000's of dollars... on mini-dental-implants.

If you want to know...

Which Discount Dental-Plan I'm Referring Too?

"Click Here For Recommended Dental-Plan"

Click here and you can... check out the recommended dental plan for yourself... they guarantee you tremendous savings on confidence boosting mini-dental-implants.

So, if you "don't have it like that"... meaning you're not able to afford the full cost of mini-dental-implants?

Then use this dental plan... you'll definitely receive worthwhile savings - I promise!

Finally Had It With Sliding And Embarrassing Dentures?

If you've had it up to here with having to often repeat yourself when talking... because your sliding dentures leave you garbling your words.

Then by all means... go visit a dentist and take a closer look at mini-dental-implants?

And, while you're at it...

Get A Deep Discount On Your Mini-Dental-Implants...

"Click Here For Recommended Dental-Plan"

Then use the dental plan I use... to get a deep discount on mini-dental-implants. But only if you're ready for a new... a more relaxed... a more confident speaking you.

If you use this dental plan I'm recommending... you'll get dramatic or huge savings, not only on mini-dental-implants. But, on ALL your cosmetic dental needs.

Hopefully, this helps. By the way, you may be interested in my article on conventional dental implants?

*How Conventional Implants Differ From Mini Implants

You've just learned all about mini-dental-implants. Now you can learn all about conventional implants... simply by visiting this sister article or webpage conventional dental implants.

My conventional implant article... "it's a must read", if you or someone you know... suffers with a missing or lost tooth or teeth?

Go take a look... you'll be glad you did!

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